He lost 22 pounds a day to tell you, fat loss ≠ weight loss!

Today our main character's name is Ross Edgley

He has a body that makes all men envy and women scream, and is also a sports scientist.

One day he had a whim to test the efficiency of human weight loss in the end, as well as weight loss and weight loss in the end what is the relationship.

So he "forced" himself to do an experiment - hope to lose 24 pounds in a day

In addition to extreme sports, he also set his sights on de-watering.

He started his journey after choosing an auspicious day and eating his last meal.

He began to experience hardship. When he got up in the morning, he gave himself a half-hour hot bath at 40 degrees - and soon started to get dizzy. He had to end the hot bath early.

Then comes breakfast - high protein rice paste, a type of baby food that has almost no sugar and fat, only protein and essential vitamins.

After a hard-to-swallow breakfast, I went to the gym as planned for a high-intensity 45-minute workout session to lower the body's glycogen reserves as much as possible - there are 18 grams of glycogen per kilogram of muscle, and each gram of that glycogen is combined with 3.5 grams of conjugated water.

He himself described it as the hardest gym session of his life, wearing a boxing athlete's dehydration suit every second he was dizzy and muscle weakness.

Luckily, he persevered. After finishing his fitness class, he was weighed for the first time - a full 12 pounds lighter than when he started!

Over the next few hours he took several hot, high-temperature baths and drank a cup of espresso (caffeine is a great diuretic).

He tried to give up several times in the middle of the day, and his brain howled at him to go eat a big hamburger pizza.

After battling with hunger and dizziness for 6 hours, he welcomed his second meal of the day - skimmed beef + raw spinach + raw broccoli.

He ate them almost as hard as he ate paper and went in.

An hour later, he exercised in the gym for an hour in the same way as he did in the morning, and he could not sweat any more.

Before the final weighing, he dragged his crumbling body through a sauna - and almost passed out.

Finally, it was time to check the results on the scale - and he did it!

In the past 24 hours, he managed to lose 24 pounds (22 pounds) and his whole body was almost deflated.

After measurement, his waist circumference reduced by 13.7%, arm circumference reduced by 19.4%, chest circumference reduced by 11.1%, the whole person lost a whole circle - less all water, almost not how to burn fat.

Then in the next 24 hours, he regained his weight through hydration and booze.
After reading his challenge, you will still take weight loss as their weight loss goals?

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