Comparison of fat and muscular body under the same weight

Comparison of fat and muscular body under the same weight

The test shows that equal weight of fat and muscle, the volume of fat is about three times the size of muscle, if it is the figure of words, we can brainstorm that too beautiful picture!

The same weight of fat and muscle volume difference, it is clear that although the weight of the two is the same, but obviously the fat takes up more space!

Many times weight loss does not mean that the weight loss of meat, it is possible to lose the water in the body, so when losing weight we still need to pay more attention to the reminders rather than weight!

Weight loss is to maximize the retention of muscle and water in the body on the basis of losing excess fat weight!

Through fitness to create body lines, in fact, the key is to lose fat, increase muscle, weight really can not be the only standard for measuring the effectiveness of fitness. And speaking of fat loss, let's look at the most common fat loss misconceptions in life!

Misconception 1: Do exercise, but not control the diet

The only way to lose weight is to take in less total energy than the total consumption. Imagine a day with 24 hours, and the average person will not exceed one hour of exercise per day. The key to weight loss, the important thing is how to spend the whole day, rather than expecting that an hour can give you how much to lose. Exercise is only an aid, the correct diet and rest habits is the key to weight loss.

Misconception 2: Skipping breakfast or not eating for a long time

Not eating breakfast will slow down your metabolism, making it more difficult to burn fat later in the day.

Misconception 3: local weight loss

Fat only possible to reduce the whole body, and can not be reduced locally. Waist and abdominal area due to the capillary rich, very easy to absorb nutrients, so the body is originally the most likely to accumulate fat parts. And to reduce waist and abdominal fat, the only effective way is to control the diet + reasonable exercise.

Misconception 4: Prohibit the intake of any fat

Some fats (omega-3) not only do not increase body fat but also promote their own body fat consumption. Therefore, the intake of trans fats (found in large quantities in fried and processed foods) and saturated fats (fatty meats) should be restricted rather than any kind of cooking oil.

The right way to lose weight

Exercise is the most effective and lasting way to lose weight. Long-term maintenance of a healthy weight standard and decent appearance is a lifetime thing, choose exercise as the best way to lose weight is to make exercise a part of your daily life.
Achieved the goal of weight loss, but also do not rush to put the sneakers on the high shelf! By now you should have fully realized that continuous exercise makes you happier and healthier!

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