Children's mental health education, parents need to learn

Children's psychological growth should be the focus of education

There are many spiritual treasures in human life, such as friendship, affection, happiness, upbringing, suffering, frustration, success, failure, and healthy growth of the mind, etc. These are among the great treasures in our lives, and their role cannot be replaced by money. The key to shaping children is to give them a healthy and beautiful heart and mind. In the reality of learning life, how can our education make children's psychological growth healthy?

1、Listen to your child's dissatisfaction

Venting is a psychological need. All parents have good wishes for their children, hoping that they can go to a major high school or university, so that they can have a better life. However, too high expectations make the test scores become the shackles of the child, ignoring the healthy growth of the mind, resulting in the child's dissatisfaction, which needs a channel to vent their emotions. According to research by experts, the longer bad emotions remain in the body, the more harmful they are. When a person is emotionally triggered, a toxin will be produced in the body to induce the growth of cancer cells. Therefore, parents should pay attention to observe their children's emotional changes, to guide their children to resolve their own worries, learn to talk to their parents or teachers, communication and communication, parents and teachers should be careful listeners, so that the child to speak freely, the heart of the trouble as soon as possible; let the child learn to release, so that the child's state of mind into the paradise of wisdom.

There was once a student who did relatively well in school, but had a rather withdrawn and depressed personality. The parents of this student invisibly transformed their love into mental pressure on the child, causing mental ill health, making the child increasingly annoyed and indifferent to relatives, low self-esteem and autism, and eventually committing suicide, but the parents are still puzzled by the reason for it.

2. Affirm your child with appreciation

Affirming children requires encouragement and praise.

There is a saying: "There is no such thing as a mediocre child, only a failing parent". Parents and teachers should be good at encouraging and affirming their children's strengths with an appreciative eye, which is the best spiritual nutrition for children. We need to make good use of the "language of love" in education. Often, a word of sympathy and understanding can give great comfort and courage, and even in the cold of winter, people feel warm. An ill-timed word, on the other hand, is like a sharp sword that pierces people's fragile hearts, making them feel cold even in the summer months of June. Because encouragement can make a child improve, and appreciation and praise are the best encouragement for the spirit. Because encouragement is the "gas station" for a child's spiritual growth, telling him or her, "You can do it". Because encouragement corrects a child's weaknesses, parents and teachers should not be stingy with praise. Praise should be delivered on the spot, but do not exaggerate in your appreciation of praise. Don't focus on your child's strengths, but encourage your child to do what he or she can do.

A junior high school student's mother asked her to serve food in the kitchen one night during dinner, and she was happy to do something for her mother. "You're so stupid! You can't even do such a simple thing". She was happy to do the housework for her mother, but this was the result. The more she thought about it, the more she felt aggrieved.

It can be said that children's mistakes or setbacks usually go hand in hand with their spiritual growth. Mistakes and setbacks are an experience and a treasure, and children's faults or mistakes need parents to take care of them and affirm their children's positivity and initiative in order to promote healthy spiritual growth.

3、Children's mental health needs to be taken care of

Knowledge is wealth, it can grow wisdom and beautify the mind. However, mental health should not be neglected.

It is very important for children to have a healthy psychology for their growth. Because children's mental activity is unstable, their physical and mental maturity are not synchronized. They may encounter some setbacks in learning and life and develop psychological disorders. If the psychological barriers are not eliminated in a timely manner, there will be some psychological disorders, such as: anorexia dropout, addicted to the network, early rebellion, runaway, violent tendencies, psychological personality abnormalities and other undesirable behavior, and ultimately become an obstacle to the healthy growth of the mind.

As parents and teachers, how to take care of children's mental health?

  1. Pay attention to observe your child. There are times when a child's psychological problems can be observed and discovered, for example, parents can ask their children directly: do you feel nervous about studying; do you feel a lot of pressure to study; is there something on your mind? Show your concern for your child and let your child tell you the problem.
  2. Learn to apologize to your child. No one is perfect. Both children and parents make mistakes. Parents have the courage to apologize to their children when they make mistakes or deficiencies. If parents don't reflect on their own behavior, but simply criticize their children and verbally abuse them emotionally or temperamentally, they will develop a negative view of the nature of life and leave a negative shadow, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of their children
  3. Encourage your child to express his or her feelings. Parents or teachers should not act frightened, angry, or disbelieving when children reveal their distress in front of us. Let the child finish talking about his or her confusion or feelings, show understanding for some of the child's confusion, and let the child have the right to vent.

In conclusion, a child's mind is a wonderfully clean slate, and if the seeds of good thinking are planted, the harvest of good behavior will be achieved. A healthy and beautiful mind is the best wealth that parents or teachers can leave to their children, always operate our family, to give our children a healthy mind growth environment is our duty.

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