Aerobics, HIIT, and sensible scheduling mean a lot!

Do you really know how to exercise properly?

Fitness has been a major concern since the Middle Ages, and numerous genres, numerous actions, and numerous competitions have been grouped into two main schools of exercise -

Aerobic exercise (cardio training), anaerobic exercise (resistance training)

Here I focus on aerobic exercise, because this is the easiest choice for beginners to get started is also the most easily fooled.

And want to do the real coordination of beauty, but also need a strength training. Strength involved in the knowledge system is longer, this article is not detailed for the time being.

Simply say a few points.

1, anaerobic exercise is an important factor in keeping the training muscle does not lose (to increase basal metabolism), in other words, strength training helps you lie still than others to consume more calories!

2, strength training can improve muscle strength, tendon, fascia and tissue strength, reduce joint injury

3, strength training will not make you thin and weak!

4, strength training after substantial consumption of muscle sugar liver sugar blood sugar, do low intensity cardio can improve the proportion of fat consumption.

5, strength training and strength training after the same can consume fat.

In this article, we will not go into detail, we return to the topic of today's topic.

When you do not have a foundation in fitness and are not familiar with the theory of fitness do not have to go specifically to the gym (except for those who do not mind spending more money to hire a personal trainer), the gym is not a safe to go to be thin, if you do not know anything, go to the shower in addition to what else can be done. At home you can!

Today's focus on two types of practical fat loss exercise -

1. long duration aerobic exercise

2. intermittent high-intensity aerobic exercise

1. long duration aerobic exercise

Theoretically speaking, the intensity of movement is more than 3 minutes of low to medium intensity cardio, such as jogging, swimming, long distance riding, etc.. It is the traditional type of aerobic that has been no problem.

Here is a misunderstanding: for example, most people think that running is aerobic, but the speed of the 100-meter sprint can last for three minutes count me out! Therefore, 100m sprint running is anaerobic exercise. Continuous sustainable 3 minutes of non-stop low-intensity exercise we can call it aerobic exercise!

In the state of aerobic exercise, sugar, carbohydrates, fats and proteins through the oxidative decomposition into water and carbon dioxide, and then synthesize ATP for energy, well, the theory is finished.

As the proportion of long-term aerobic fat energy supply is the largest, accounting for about two-thirds of the total calories consumed. So if you want to burn fat in the exercise as the main purpose, long time aerobic is the first choice.

How long is the specific time? Not less than 30 minutes and not more than 70 minutes is the best.

60 minutes of each exercise calorie consumption table
Shopping110 calories.Boxing450 calories.
Cycling184 calories.Jumping rope448 calories.
swimming1036 calories.Jogging655 calories.
playing tennis352 calories.Fast running700 calories.
stair climbing480 calories.Aerobics300 calories.
Sit-ups432 calories.
The above calorie table data will fluctuate depending on the intensity of exercise

Here again to involve a [fat burning heart rate] concept, give a formula to go through
Card formula - (220 - age - resting heart rate) x 30% - 45% of the intensity + resting heart rate

Running a heart rate table with a look down, not trouble?

Here is a brief summary, to achieve the best fat burning heart rate feeling is a little effort slightly out of breath, but can still talk and chat.

That is to say, jogging to not relaxed but also not tired of panting degree can be, in this state you have time to breathe into enough oxygen to participate in the fat oxidation energy, and also have time to burn off more fat. And because of the single action, the safety factor is high.

And aerobic exercise to enhance cardio strength lung capacity and other benefits, but also to regulate endocrine, hormone balance, not only is the weight loss so simple.

And variable speed running is an important factor in avoiding energy conservation to improve cardiorespiratory capacity!

Remember to replenish water after running, milk is more hydrating than mineral water, and can also replenish protein and electrolytes to repair your body's wear and tear. It is also good to eat a banana rich in potassium.

2. intermittent high-intensity aerobic exercise

The famous HIIT and Tabata has been on fire in the fitness world since its emergence in recent years, because this exercise was once used to marathon athletes to do speed up special training at the time was not detected in the exercise can consume more fat, so it has not been brought up on the fat loss table.

Until recent research found that intermittent aerobic (hereinafter collectively referred to as HIIT) is actually more fat-burning than traditional aerobic!

HIIT, simply put, is a high intensity and low intensity alternating interval training method

Its basic characteristic is high intensity, with intervals, that is, exercise with rest in between. Unlike pure anaerobic exercise, high intensity interval exercise either has a very short rest period or uses some low intensity or static exercises as an active rest.

I mentioned above why long duration aerobic in exercise most fat consumption, because there is time to breathe enough oxygen to participate in the oxidation of fat burning, and this process in order to ensure that the effect of long-term continuous combustion can not be too tired, otherwise it can not persist.

But HIIT uses intermittent high-intensity way, this process is very tired, the body is in urgent need of energy, need to gasp to complete, and because it is a short time so not immediately call fat burning, so will consume the body's sugar in advance, and is fast.

So some people say that there is no fat burning ah, how do you still say better than the long-term aerobic weight loss effect?

And slow, I said that the exercise process can not consume fat, but I did not say that after the exercise can not.

Let me make an analogy, the sugar and fat in our body are like cash and bank cards. Cash is more convenient than bank cards, so I carry cash with me. When I need money urgently, of course, I use cash first. When the cash is gone, we have to take cash out of the bank card and bring it with us, otherwise what will we spend next time?

So when you do HIIT (urgent need for money), your sugar (cash) is consumed in large quantities, although the fat (bank card) does not have time to be used immediately, but you consume the sugar (after paying the money) you still have to use the fat to transform into glycogen (money from the bank card) to cope with the next time you need it (the next time you do HIIT).

Yes, this is the unbelievable thing about HIIT, that is, after exercise can still maintain a high calorie, high fat consumption efficiency. The fat loss effect after training can last about 72 hours. And its high-intensity movements can also play a role in protecting the muscle to maintain metabolism.

And HIIT almost no threshold and standard, as long as you follow a principle, alternating between high intensity and low intensity.

Scientific strength judgment is heart rate or oxygen uptake, preferably high enough to reach 80% or more of the maximum heart rate or oxygen uptake. I'm not going to talk about fat burning heart rate here, just the feeling - Fast when you feel the full force, huffing and puffing, slow when you do not suddenly stop, still want to keep moving

HIIT is more energy-consuming than continuous cardio, and even if you eat more after HIIT, it's okay because your body needs to replenish sugar.

Of course, because of the HIIT movement library, flexible and variable and high intensity, we must pay attention to the movement in place and protect joint safety.

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