Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise compared, how to do the most fat burning?

As you know, if we compare our body to a car, we also need "fuel" to get power, and these "fuels" are sugar, fat and protein.

The gasoline fuel and human fat burning energy can not be separated from the help of oxygen. During exercise, oxygen enters the bloodstream through the lungs and subsequently enters the body's cells, the length of time it takes to enter depends on the form of exercise you do.

There are two types of exercise.

When you do low-intensity, slow-paced, long-duration exercise, oxygen is fully delivered to the body's cells, and such exercise is called aerobic exercise.

Through aerobic exercise, the body's sugar and fat by oxygen decomposition, 30 minutes after the direct decomposition of fat tissue, weight loss effect is more obvious, but also to strengthen the heart and lung function.

Common aerobic exercises include.

Long jogging, cycling, fitness dance, swimming and other endurance training.

High-intensity, explosive, short duration of exercise, muscle in a "hypoxic" state, too late to deliver oxygen, such exercise is called anaerobic exercise.

Anaerobic exercise will usually make your body stronger, but because the sugar is not fully "burned", the body produces too much lactic acid, so you will feel sore after exercise.

Common anaerobic exercises are: high-speed sprinting, weight lifting and other strength training.

Anaerobic exercise vs. aerobic exercise

About Aerobic Exercise Warm Tips.

150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week, 30-60 minutes each time, less than 30 minutes is not effective, do not over-activate the joints.

About anaerobic exercise gentle reminder.

Exercise the body's major muscle groups 2-3 times a week, starting with the large muscle groups (chest, back and legs), if there is enough time, you can add small muscle group training (biceps, triceps and shoulders), building muscle each group of movements need to do 4-12 times, while maintaining muscle and endurance need to do 15-20 times. Every 6-12 weeks to adjust the exercise program, on the one hand, to help build muscle toughness and strength, on the other hand, to prevent muscle damage.

There is no absolute boundary between aerobic and anaerobic exercise, both rarely exist independently, and will not immediately change state, more often just overlap.

In most high-intensity exercise, aerobic and anaerobic exist simultaneously, so there is no absolute "pure anaerobic" state.

You may ask, "half the day, how to lose fat efficiently?"

Anaerobic exercise fat loss is an indirect process, when your body muscle increase time, can indirectly increase the daily physical activity in fat consumption.

So that anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise combined with the most significant effect of fat loss! Look around, the gym in the best shape of the handsome beautiful people, will not stay on the treadmill for a long time, they are silently in the strength area lifting iron it!

For people without a sports base, you can start with aerobic to anaerobic exercise to enhance physical fitness and improve cardiorespiratory function, and then slowly contact anaerobic exercise.

Thin people to gain muscle, body shape, then should be the main anaerobic training.

Fat people to lose fat, show A4 waist, then should be the main aerobic training.

For patients with chronic diseases and older people, such as fatty liver, obesity symptoms, diabetes, hypertension, etc., aerobic exercise is recommended.

If you have enough time, it is generally recommended to do anaerobic first and then aerobic, the benefits of both can be obtained.

How do aerobic and anaerobic exercise go together?
First anaerobic and then aerobic, a large number of anaerobic exercise to consume the body's sugar, and then immediately do aerobic exercise. This can burn fat well, fat loss better, and muscle ratio increased, the consumption of calories will certainly be more, fat loss better, this is a virtuous cycle, recommend the following three sports to everyone.

1. Burpee exercise
Burpee exercise is known as one of the most efficient and best full-body fitness program, often listed as one of the fat burning, slimming exercise program, and also can train more than 70% of the muscle groups of the body (core muscles, feet, arms, abdomen, buttocks and back, etc.), in addition to muscle building, fat burning, it helps to improve cardiorespiratory function.
The main points: two hands to support the ground, legs jump after the arms overhead.
For beginners: this action focuses on the core of our entire body, remember that the knees touch the belly after tightening the jump, hands must be raised high.
For advanced challengers: touch the gravity ball with both hands instead of the ground, and do two push-ups before jumping up, not only to strengthen the training, but also to increase your stability and coordination.

2. Elliptical + Strength Training
10 minutes warm-up, then elliptical machine can be brisk walking 20 minutes, plus 30-40 minutes of strength training, the last 40 minutes of jogging, stretching exercises during the break must be done!

3High Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIT)
HIIT refers to high-intensity interval training, used to practice cardiorespiratory fitness, impact speed, with other training fat loss effect is obvious. Short time high quality fat burning is very suitable for contemporary lifestyles.

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