8 warning signs that you are consuming too much sugar

8 warning signs that you are consuming too much sugar

Sugar is really delicious, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. But because life is not fair, sugar, especially in large amounts, is not good for your health.

Sugar hits the body in a variety of ways, so how do you know if you're eating too much of it? The following is the body to send you eight warning signs, telling you it's time to eat less sweet things.

1. always want to eat sweets

The more sugar you eat, the more you will want to eat sugar.

Brooke Alpert(The author of "Amazing! Eat less sugar makes you younger from the inside out!") said, "The more you crave sugar, the more sugar you'll eat, creating a vicious cycle of addiction." It's not just that your taste buds have adapted and need more sugar to feel the same goodness, but also that sugar can get you high and then low, like a real drug.

"Eating foods high in sugar causes your body to react like a wave of hormones, first making you rise high and then fall hard, prompting your body to want more sugar."

2. feeling tired all day long

There are highs and lows. After sugar causes a surge of insulin and a feeling of excitement, a low is bound to follow.

When blood sugar is stable, vitality is also most stable; therefore, if you take too much sugar, the high and low changes in blood sugar will cause the high and low changes in vitality.

Eating too much sugar also means that you may not be getting enough protein and fiber, both of which are important nutrients for maintaining stable energy.

3. Skin keeps breaking out in pimples

Rebecca Kazin of the Johns Hopkins Department of Dermatology at the Washington Center for Skin Laser Surgery says, "Some people are more sensitive to insulin surges caused by sugar intake, and their hormones can rise and fall, causing problems such as acne and rosacea dermatitis."

The effects of heavy sugar intake may appear on the face within days; if the skin condition is poor, Kazin suggests reviewing the diet, otherwise "you may only be treating the surface skin problem, but not finding out what the real problem is."

4. Higher than usual mood swings

The euphoria brought on by sugar fades and your blood sugar drops significantly, which can cause mood swings and make you irritable. If your energy also decreases, it will only make your temper worse.

5. Weight gain

Too much sugar means too many calories, and since there is no protein or fiber to give you a sense of satiety, you will keep eating.

It also triggers the release of insulin, which plays an important role in weight gain and diabetes. When we eat sugar, the pancreas releases insulin, which carries the sugar to the organs where it becomes an energy source. Eating large amounts of sugar causes the body to produce more insulin; over time, this can lead to insulin resistance, which means the body cannot respond properly to normal levels of insulin and cannot use the sugar immediately.

The weight gain caused by consuming too many calories from sugar is exacerbated by the disruption of the normal insulin response. In addition, prolonged overworking of the pancreas can lead to type 2 diabetes.

6. Tooth decay becomes more frequent

Bacteria digesting food molecules in the crevices of the teeth will produce acid, which will erode the teeth. Saliva itself can maintain a healthy bacterial balance, but consuming sugar may disrupt the natural ecosystem by affecting the pH value. This will give bacteria the opportunity to proliferate and cause tooth decay. 

7. Brain fog, especially after meals

Brain fog is a common symptom of low blood sugar. After eating a lot of sugar, blood sugar rises and falls quickly, rather than gradually. "Poorly controlled blood sugar levels are a significant risk factor for cognitive problems and cognitive impairment," Alpert said.

8. Whatever the food is, it doesn't taste as sweet as it used to

Alpert says, "Eating too much sugar is basically bombarding your taste buds. Too much sugar causes the taste buds to become more tolerant, so you need more sugar to satisfy that sweet craving."

If the taste buds need a lot of sugar to feel sweet enough, it can be difficult to lower the benchmark.

However, if you can reduce your sugar intake and tolerate the initial pain, the tolerance will eventually decrease and you will be satisfied with just a small amount of sugar. You may even find the food too sweet; just taking the right amount of sugar can make you happier.

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