You are still naive to think that less food and more exercise can lose weight?

"They eat too much."

"They are too lazy."

"They are lazy, they eat too much, and they have no perseverance."

Well, many people think that fat people are trained in this way.

But is that really the case? In fact, not, I have seen not eat staple food or eat very little, every day exercise still can not lose people, including many studies have shown: weight loss is definitely not only eat more, exercise less so simple.

1. No one wants to be fat!

No one wants to be fat, and sometimes it's really not your fault that you're fat. Even if you have enough perseverance to stop eating when your body needs it, you may still not lose weight. This is because our bodies are genetically wired to gain and maintain weight, which is a self-protective mechanism.

Although we can not get away from this basic evolutionary truth, but about weight we can still do a lot of things. For example, adjust the structure of the diet, to reduce their own stress, reduce the incidence of inflammation and so on. But we often say less food, more exercise is still open to question, because after all, there are many people in accordance with such rules did not lose, another part of the people lost and quickly rebounded back.

2. Eat less why still can not lose?

This year's V.I.M. show held in Shanghai, I believe that many people are a feast for the eyes, looking at those models with hot bodies are envious, and therefore circulated such a sentence: today eat a bite less rice, tomorrow V.I.M. I walk the show! In fact, this statement is really a scam, or only 50% accuracy. Because the heat is not equal by nature.

Many people choose starvation diets, overeating, enemas, laxatives and excessive exercise to achieve a very low weight requirement. They lose fat and muscle while repeatedly restricting calories or eating a starvation diet. As we all know, muscle is very important for a person to maintain basal metabolism, the reduction in muscle mass is equivalent to a reduction in their own basal metabolism, which means that if they eat the same amount of calories as before, their weight rebound will be very strong.

Most of the cases are growing back even more than the loss, the weight is like a yo-yo, swinging back and forth.

3. The reason why most people fail to lose weight

Most people fail to lose weight because of too much restriction, they reduce their daily consumption of energy to below the basal metabolism. So the body will automatically alarm to prevent starvation, slowing down the basal metabolism. The result is that you fall into a state of hunger, after stopping the diet, you began to eat and drink, and thus the weight rebounded.

Think about what happens when you miss breakfast, skip lunch at work, and finally get home in the evening: you eat everything in sight. So you feel bloated and uncomfortable, and you regret going into the kitchen right after you get home.

Why does overeating make you feel sick? Most of us are rational enough to know that we shouldn't overeat. We've done it before, and we hope we don't do it again, and we don't want to do it again. But do we always make the same mistakes because we are weak-willed, morally corrupt, and self-destructive? Do we need year-round therapy? The answer is neither.

The answer lies in our genes, which are inside our bodies and cannot be eliminated. We are designed to gain weight, and if we don't give our bodies enough calories they need, they will not be happy.

What's worse is that you lose weight after. Only half of what you lose is fat, the rest is the precious muscle you need for metabolism! Then after the rebound, you get almost all fat.

What's even scarier is that the amount of calories consumed by muscle is 70 times that of fat cells! So when you take in the same amount of calories as before, it will be even harder to burn off! The wavering diet so lose most of your muscle. Alas, so there will be fat people say: I really do not eat a lot, just can not lose.

In short, you have to remember that weight loss is not only eat less and more exercise; in addition do not believe in dieting, we must take in more calories than the basal metabolic rate, otherwise the body thinks you are starving. Less than the basal metabolic intake, you may be gaining weight rather than losing weight.

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