Why is there fast and slow weight loss?

Why weight loss is fast and slow, some weight loss customers reflect an impatient mentality, fat body for decades, and can not wait to lose a couple of months! This mentality is very difficult to succeed in weight loss, so encounter such a person, I basically do not recommend it immediately to reduce weight, first establish the correct scientific concept before helping him to reduce!

And some customers lose 4-5 pounds a month, when you see others a month to lose more than 10 pounds, the psychological imbalance, the mentality began to become impatient. I do not know, each person's weight base and physique is not the same, the speed of weight loss will certainly not be the same!

If you find the right way, as long as you have confidence, seriously insist, you can definitely transform into the most beautiful yourself!

The following is a simple analysis of the reasons for slow weight loss, please check, in order to correct in time: 1.

1, repeatedly using unscientific methods of weight loss (such as eating weight loss drugs, dieting and the like), the basic metabolism will drop very low, becoming a fat-prone physique, weight loss will certainly be slower than normal people.

2, control the diet at night, after six o'clock determined not to eat greasy things.

3, taking drugs, such as birth control pills and estrogen, etc., will make weight loss more difficult and slow progress.

4, eating irregularly, the time between meals is too short, so that the metabolism is slowed down.

5, drinking too much alcohol and eating too much sugar, fat or heavy food.

6, some times your weight is not reduced, but the body gradually thinning, size will first drop, and the meat has become soft. This may have entered the platform period, do not be nervous, is in the size of the reduction of weight.

7, can not seriously implement the weight loss plan, extra steal to eat other things, is also an important reason for slow weight loss.

8, sleep too late, affecting the normal detoxification metabolism of internal organs.

9, must have a happy mood, the right way to release pressure, will not affect the speed of weight loss Oh.

Special instructions: many people do not understand why the weight does not reduce the size will be small? To give the simplest example: the same weight of a pound of fat and a pound of lean meat, which volume is larger? When the body fat reduction, and muscle and water increase, the weight of reduced fat because the weight of muscle and water offset, so the weight is not less, but a measure of size is less! Therefore, weight loss just look at the weight is not scientific!

Partners who are losing weight or want to lose weight, please be sure to remember the above points! For the sake of beauty and health, serious persistence is the only way to lose weight successfully! Of course, the prerequisite is to find the right way! Need scientific and healthy weight loss methods, perseverance and persistent determination.

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