Were you confused by this knowledge before doing cardio?

1. Aerobic put first

Newcomers to fitness always feel that cardio is the most tiring, so it should be placed first in training, what strength training resistance training, should be placed after the completion of cardio. 

However, research shows that the strength training before cardio, fat loss overall effect will be better, because you need plenty of energy to carry out high-intensity training

If you do cardio first, and do a long time cardio, and then go to do strength training, the result is no energy to complete high-intensity strength training.

On the contrary, if you do strength training first, then even if the intensity is very high, you have the ability to complete a certain amount of cardio, because cardio does not require muscle strength, only cardio and endurance.

2More cardio = lighter weight

Cardio is mistaken by many people as the best means of "fat loss", many people therefore abuse cardio, but what you do not know is that cardio alone will not allow you to lose weight.

It is no exaggeration to say that the importance of diet is much greater than exercise

Many people try to use cardio to make up for the calories they eat after indulging in a diet, but most of the time this remedy is futile because a large bag of fries from McDonald's requires you to run for 40 minutes!

If you are a girl, then you have to run for at least 48 minutes to burn off; and KFC's 3 pieces of finger-licking chicken requires you to run 63-75 minutes; if you have a carbonated drink, it will take even longer.

Instead of eating after regret, crazy aerobic, rather than eating the appropriate control of intake, so that calories can be limited, and do not have to spend a lot of time to exercise to consume the extra calories intake.

That said, cardio is not the only way to lose fat, and it is definitely not the most efficient.

Even if you love cardio, you also need to combine it with strength training to lose fat, because it can help you lose weight while retaining as much muscle as possible!

On the one hand, it allows your metabolism not to drop too much, on the other hand, it also allows you to lose weight after the body shape more beautiful.

3Aerobic intensity is not important

Wrong! This is a mistake that many people will make

If you walk around on the treadmill for an hour and go to the locker room to shower and go home without breaking a sweat, it's no wonder you can't lose weight.

No matter what form of cardio you are doing, intensity is very important.

Low-intensity cardio will not burn much calories, nor will it improve your cardio much.

Of course, don't be too desperate, if you want to do high intensity cardio, try looking at HIIT, such as sprinting for a distance, then walking slowly or resting for 30 seconds, then continuing to sprint, so repeat to achieve a good fat burning effect.

Remember, if your training is very light, then the effect will most likely not be very good.

4Fast-belly aerobic is the king

Let's put the conclusion of the study in front of us: fasted cardio is not effective for everyone.

Most fasted cardio advocates schedule cardio in the morning, which means that the first thing you do when you wake up is not to eat breakfast, but to do cardio.

However, not everyone can adapt to fasting training, cardio needs to consume energy, the body wakes up with little glycogen left, and that can only be done through the breakdown of fat

See here you are not to snicker, words have not finished, fat and muscle will be used as a source of energy, hard work to train out of the muscle so you are willing to lose?

Moreover, fat loss in the end still depends on the caloric window, as long as you can create a caloric window through exercise, then a little something to eat and then go running but also allows you to run faster and farther!

Of course, before exercise as much as possible to choose fast absorption and digestion of carbohydrates, so as not to feel uncomfortable during exercise.

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