Drinking Coke is easy to osteoporosis? Calcium supplementation is ineffective only when you are old? Understand the 5 common osteoporosis QA 

Become short, hunchback, scoliosis? Watch out! You may be losing bone mass. I don't know if you've ever experienced it, but when you go to an orthopedic clinic, you can often see many elderly patients, either hunched over, moving slowly, or wearing casts and looking sad.

In fact, most of these people have become victims of osteoporosis because they have lost their "bone capital".

Osteoporosis is prone to fracture and serious risk of death

How terrible is osteoporosis? If the bone density test is less than -2.5, it means that the bone volume is reduced or the bone density is lowered, which makes the bones gradually appear holes and become fragile, just like a sea sand house, which will fall down if you are not careful, and there is even a risk of fracture.

The most important thing that osteoporosis fears is fracture. According to clinical experience, people with osteoporosis who are older will often suffer from fractures due to falls or minor collisions, with the spine and hip being common areas.

Take calcium supplements while you're young and useful when you're old

News reports often tell people to "take calcium supplements while you are young so that you don't get osteoporosis when you are old?"

Of course, it is best to take calcium supplements when you are young, because bone density peaks at age 20 and slowly declines at age 30. If we can take advantage of this period to replenish calcium, the more bone we have, the more money we have to consume.

The more calcium you get after this period, the less useful it will be? It is not that calcium supplementation is ineffective once you are young, but the absorption and transformation of calcium into bone is not as good as when you are young.

Menopause and dieting tend to cause osteoporosis Bone health care needs to be strengthened

Bone density from birth will gradually increase with age, especially women after menopause, because of hormonal changes, making menopausal women's bone density dropped sharply, which is why osteoporosis often occurs in post-menopausal women, therefore, strengthen the bones of this work, women should pay particular attention. 

It is worth noting that many people rely on dieting to lose weight, but malnourished people are also most likely to suffer from osteoporosis, plus the body's bones do not have enough exercise to stimulate the growth of bone cells, but also particularly prone to osteoporosis.

Preventing Osteoporosis: Dietary Supplements and Exercise

How to prevent osteoporosis? One is to get enough calcium from the diet, especially milk, dried fish, shrimp, cheese, seaweed and sesame, which are rich in calcium and are recommended for people of all ages to help prevent bone loss.

In addition to taking more calcium-containing foods, you should also reduce high-protein and high-phosphorus foods that accelerate bone loss, such as meat (especially red meat), offal, egg yolk, beans, sugary drinks, etc. In addition, alcohol and caffeine-containing foods can affect calcium absorption and should be taken in moderation or avoided.

In addition, alcohol and caffeine-containing foods will affect calcium absorption and should be avoided. However, after calcium intake increases, it must also be able to enter the bones. We can often see bedridden patients, his calcium supplementation is very adequate, but why still have osteoporosis? The reason lies in the lack of exercise.

5 common osteoporosis Q & A, once understood

  • Can I take vitamins to retain bone? 
Glucosamine is a component of vitamin C. The function of glucosamine is to help the growth of cartilage and has nothing to do with bone density.
  • Do I have to drink milk for calcium? 
Milk is not the only calcium supplement you can get. In addition to milk, calcium-rich foods include dried fish, shrimp, cheese, seaweed and sesame.
  • Drinking coke will osteoporosis? 
Only long-term intake of very large amounts will, the average person occasionally drink coke has little effect, but from a health perspective, do not encourage drinking coke.
  • Drinking big bone soup is the best way to protect the bone? 
This is a wrong concept. The calcium content of bone soup is much lower than that of a cup of milk with more than 200 c.c. If you want to replenish calcium, it is recommended that you replenish it from foods such as milk, cheese, shrimp or sesame.
  • Drink high iron and high calcium milk, all in one go? 
Milk powder is good for health, but in fact, the body's absorption of calcium is still limited and it is difficult to absorb more calcium or iron than the body needs.

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