The exercise effect of walking fitness, walking before and after meals can prevent diabetes

Walking fitness method can be carried out at any time and anywhere, and the movement is gentle and not easy to be injured. Therefore, the elderly and frail, obese and chronically ill people the best way to exercise. So what are the effects of walking fitness exercise? What are the best sports indicators?

Walking exercise speed should be limited to one hundred meters per minute; the amount of exercise round trip walking distance of two kilometers; exercise frequency daily or every other day, each time twenty minutes; action requirements walking posture with the upper body slightly forward, striding; to prevent shock to the head, the heel of the shoe is best rubber sole.

Some sports medicine research says: speed of 133 meters per minute, heart rate is maintained at 70% of the maximum heart rate of walking exercise fitness effect is the best. 

Walking is one of the effective ways to enhance the function of the heart. During exercise, due to the contraction of the large muscle groups of the lower limbs, the heart can beat faster, the heart per beat increase, blood flow faster to adapt to the needs of exercise; walking can also improve the coronary artery blood circulation to a certain extent, which is a very good exercise and health care for the heart. If the heart rate can reach one hundred and ten times per minute, and maintain more than ten minutes, then the toughness and strength of the heart muscle and blood vessels are greatly improved, thereby reducing the chances of myocardial infarction and heart failure.

Long-term adherence to walking exercises can be fitness and shaping, to avoid gaining weight. 

The benefit is that the weight lost is fat and not muscle, which is completely different from dieting and weight loss, causing muscle loss. And walking exercise also helps to promote the normalization of sugar metabolism; walking before and after meals is an effective way to prevent diabetes. Research has confirmed: middle-aged and elderly people walk at a speed of 3,000 meters per hour for one and a half to two hours, the metabolic rate can be increased by 48%, and the metabolism of sugar is also improved with it.

Some experts say: walking exercise to a slight sense of fatigue, as other forms of exercise in general, is the ideal sedative to treat emotional tension

Walking for at least one hour a day can be a means of maintaining a healthy heart. This is a good way to get some active rest. Walking is an exercise that requires bearing one's own body weight, which helps delay and prevent osteoporosis; it also delays degenerative joint changes and prevents some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Walking can also relax the brain cortical cells, relieve brain fatigue.

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