Sitting back pain? Japanese orthopedic experts teach "10-second relief method" to do at home with

Use the power of knee extension to relieve lumbar pain! Japanese Orthopedic Yoga Bureau representative, Matsuura Orthopedic Hospital Director Rumiko Inoue said, lumbar spine pain with the body's maintenance is not enough, want to relieve lumbar pain can be done by a stretching exercise, in the degree that does not make the waist feel pain, keep the body bent forward for five to ten seconds, using the strength of the knee straightening, help relieve lumbar joint pain, call on people to exercise before the body to warm up, lumbar pain symptoms will disappear. The symptoms of back pain will disappear.

Pre-exercise stretching exercises to relieve lumbar spine joint pain

According to Rumiko Inoue, many people suffer from lumbar pain, mainly due to the aging of the body and neglect of maintenance, resulting in the body becoming stiff. Unlike athletes who are physically fit, they often have complex problems such as lumbar joint pain, which is due to insufficient maintenance of the body. As long as you warm up well before exercise, the symptoms of back pain will disappear. However, the lumbar "rotating lumbar" stretching exercise is actually not very effective, the flexibility of the biceps (inner thighs) is the key to the correct use of the lumbar.

Stretching exercise to relieve lumbar pain Suitable for all age groups

To relieve lumbar spine pain, Rumiko Inoue recommends a stretching exercise, which involves sitting on the floor, bending your knees, holding your thighs with your arms, keeping your chest and thighs close together, maintaining your position and extending your knees forward, bending your body forward until you can't bend anymore, and holding it for 5 to 10 seconds. However, the knee stretch will not be effective if the chest and thighs are separated, so special attention must be paid to this point.

This stretching exercise is not only suitable for the general public, but also for middle-aged people in their 50s. Perhaps this age group can rarely achieve the action of bending the body forward and keeping the hands firmly on the floor, but as long as you keep stretching the biceps muscle every day, you will have mastered the basic concept of lumbar care.

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