Mental Health Tips for College Students

1What is mental health?

The best state of functioning of an individual's psyche that can be achieved within the limits of its own and environmental conditions, not the absolute state of perfection. Mental health is a relative concept, the difference between normal and abnormal mental activity is relative, there is no obvious boundary between them.

2. In 1946, the Third International Congress of Mental Health proposed the criteria of mental health

(1) Physical, intellectual and emotional well-being.

(2) Adapt to the environment and be humble to each other in interpersonal relationships.

(3) A sense of well-being.

(4) The ability to fully utilize one's abilities in one's work and occupation and to lead an effective life.

3. The American humanistic psychologist Maslow proposed the criteria of mental health

(1) Adequate sense of security.

(2) Adequate understanding of oneself and appropriate assessment of one's abilities.

(3) Realistic goals in life.

(4) To maintain contact with the real environment.

(5) The ability to maintain the integrity and harmony of the personality.

(6) Ability to learn from experience.

(7) The ability to maintain good interpersonal relationships.

(8) Adequate emotional expression and control.

(9) The ability to make limited personal play without violating the requirements of the group.

(10) In the premise of not violating social norms, can properly meet the basic needs of individuals.

4. Mental health standards for university students

(1) Able to maintain a strong interest in learning and desire to learn.

(2) Able to maintain a correct sense of self and accept self. Self-consciousness is the core of personality, referring to the person's knowledge and experience of his or her relationship with the world around him or her.

(3) Able to coordinate and control emotions and maintain a good state of mind. Mentally healthy people can always maintain a happy, confident, satisfied mood, good at seeking pleasure from action, full of hope for life, good emotional stability.

(4) Can maintain harmonious interpersonal relationships, willing to interact.

(5) To maintain a complete and unified personality. The ultimate goal of mental health is to maintain the integrity of personality and develop a sound personality. Personality integrity refers to the balanced development of personality constitution of temperament, ability, character and ideals, beliefs, outlook on life and other aspects.

(6) The ability to maintain good environmental adaptability includes the correct understanding of the environment and the relationship between the individual and the environment.

(7) Mental behavior is age-appropriate. A person's psychological behavior often deviates seriously from his or her age characteristics, generally is the performance of mental ill health.

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