Mental health: How to stay optimistic

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life, but there are many problems in life that plague people from time to time. This article will give you some pointers

Optimism means that people are happy and confident about the development of things. High school students are in a period of physical and psychological development, so staying optimistic is good for their healthy physical and mental development. On the contrary, a pessimistic person will not have any ideals or goals, and will not study hard, or even commit suicide in serious cases. Therefore, it is important for them to stay optimistic in their learning and life.

(1) Good interpersonal skills.

Good interpersonal relationship, itself will make a person optimistic and happy. Aloof people, people who do not interact well, they are not happy, because they lack communication with people, can not understand and double people, they lack friendship. When they have distress, there is no place to tell, so they have to hold it in their hearts, and thus will feel unhappy.

(2) Participate in more useful recreational activities.

For example, bridge activities, salon, friendship, celebration, etc., which will keep their mood a happy state, at the same time, it is a kind of spiritual Chito, in these activities, can make a lot of friends, and even make some like-minded friends. By participating in these activities, you can also cultivate their own sentiments, so that they encounter smooth things if bored. The heart and attention can be transferred.

(3) Learn to love others, to actively help others, to show your confidence to others, and to pass on your confidence to others. 

Some people have low self-esteem and are lonely. They are isolated from conceptions, because they are often in a closed state, they are not willing to interact with others, of course, can not talk about loving others, to help others. If a person is not willing to interact with others, over time, others will become more and more alienated from you, then, according to the lonely, will feel unhappy. On the contrary, if you always take the initiative to help others, on the one hand, you can get the gratitude and affirmation of others, on the other hand. You can also realize their own value, others are willing to interact with you, at this time, you will feel that you are a happy person.

(4) Be tolerant of people.

 In psychological counseling, we often encounter such visitors, they say their emotions are always unstable, fluctuating, others always like to get in trouble with themselves, they are always trying to find ways to deal with such people. In fact, in life interpersonal interactions, it is inevitable that there will be bumps and bruises, encounter up to the same thing, people should be tolerant, for your tolerance, most people will accept. If you can't tolerate, find ways to deal with and retaliate, so that it will never end, you will not feel happy. Therefore, be tolerant of people.

(5) To look at life correctly.

Life is full of colors, life is full of sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, both sweet and distressing parts. It is because life has experienced everything that life is meaningful. Generally speaking, life is full of pain, which is not desired, but life is full of happiness, which is also unrealistic. Famous people, great people, and politicians have their brilliant and splendid sides, but they also have their sufferings and even misfortunes. Therefore, facing life, we should be full of optimism, when happiness comes, we should not forget it, when misfortune comes, we should be strong, smile at the world, smile at life.

(6) Be happy with what you have.

Life needs goals, both big goals - your ideals, but also small goals - recent work and study plans. Your goals should not be set too vague and insignificant, because that is difficult to achieve, often leading to your disappointment, and even pessimism. You have to be content with the small things that often make a person's career, many successful people, they do not have amazing things, they are doing very ordinary small things, however, ordinary breeds extraordinary, it is these small things, so that they have achieved success. In the process of setting goals and achieving them, people should be content and happy.

(7) learn to psychological defense.

When you are distressed, you can think of happy things, do happy things, which is the role of empathy; when you have no money, materially compared to others, you can make a career performance to get satisfaction, which is the role of compensation, etc..

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