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Today's society has a healthy psychological for a person is very important, in this materialistic society, how to determine whether you are mentally healthy? And how to maintain mental health? Today we will come together with you to understand the criteria for mental health, to see if your mental health is really healthy?

Many people in today's society are concerned about physical health, but many people will ignore mental health, are you really mentally healthy? May be together to test it.

The eight criteria for judging the mental health of men

For today's male friends living in some metropolitan areas, in the face of tremendous mental pressure, if we do not adjust well, more or less will suffer from some difficult to control mental illnesses, these mental illnesses after a quarrel will affect our state of life, but also lead to our bodies are harmed.

1Control emotions

Emotions play an important role in mental health. Psychologically healthy people can always maintain a happy, cheerful, confident and satisfied mood, good at seeking pleasure from life, full of hope for life. On the contrary, regular depression, anger, agitation, jealousy, etc. are signs of unhealthy psychology. When a person is psychologically healthy, his emotional expression is appropriate, generous, neither formal nor unrestrained.

2、Shaping personality

Personality is something that all people have. It is the sum of a person's psychological characteristics. The purpose of mental health is to maintain the integrity of personality and to develop a person with a sound personality.

There is an Indian proverb that says that attitude determines behavior, behavior determines habit, habit determines personality, and personality determines destiny. Our character and destiny are sculpted by our own actions every moment of our lives.

3、Have a family and a career

Family and career are the source of responsibility and pressure for adult men. Family harmony and career success are not incompatible, their relationship is mutually reinforcing, family harmony is prosperous, without the ability to manage the family, we are afraid we can not afford to do greater things. When dealing with the relationship between the two, one should have a healthy mindset.

4、Take it in a proper way

A gentleman is good with his money, but he takes it in the right way. On the one hand, it means to increase income openly and honestly, on the other hand, it can also be said to treat your own personal desires with a healthy mind. In addition to jealousy and eye-catching, a normal mind to the temptation of the world of flowers. God will always give the opportunity to those who work hard.

5、Understand yourself

Many people will go to understand others, to understand the opponent, but few people to understand themselves, in fact, only to understand themselves, accept themselves, to be clear about their own development direction, to understand their own defects, to rarely make mistakes, to avoid doing something beyond their reach.

6、Face the reality

We may not have been born in a wealthy family; our work may not be satisfactory; our lovers may not be smart and capable, considerate; our children may not be smart and obedient; we may also be experiencing setbacks and tribulations ...... but we can only face all this first, accept all this In this basis, there is the possibility of change. Only to recognize the reality, accept the reality, down to earth, we can have a greater harvest.

7、Good dealings with others

People live in a society made up of other people, just like fish live in water, without the help of others, people will not be able to survive. Some psychologists statistics, about 80% of life's troubles are related to their own interpersonal environment. If you are fussy about others, angry with others, violate the interests of others, and do not pay attention to the interpersonal interactions, you will bring yourself endless troubles.


In addition to the infant in swaddling clothes, everyone has his or her own responsibilities and work. Children have to respect their parents and do what they can, while adults have to bear the burden of family and society, and get the means to earn a living and get recognition and pleasure in their work. Therefore, the impact of unemployment on adults is not only financial, but also psychological, as it can cause a sense of loss of value and bring about a psychological crisis. People who are brave enough to take responsibility and get pleasure from their work are truly mature and healthy people.

If you want to maintain your psychological health, you should master the most crucial step, which is to learn to self-regulate, and be good at managing your own personal psychological situation, and replenish your psychological nutrition in a timely manner, and go to a psychologist in a timely manner when you have some mental illness.

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