Less fitness detours, 10 you need to know the common sense

Many people new to fitness have some questions, the following summary of ten fitness FAQ, so you can take a detour in the fitness road


When is the best time of the day to exercise?

For new contact with fitness, it is recommended to start exercising half an hour after dinner. For a certain exercise experience engaged in moderate exercise, an hour after dinner to start exercising. For a few years of fitness experience in high-intensity exercise, after dinner for about an hour and a half to start exercising. The best time to exercise: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.


About the choice of fitness equipment

For beginners, you can first use fixed equipment to feel the contraction of the muscle and learn the correct pattern of movement. For partners with training experience, can fully control the contraction and stretching of the muscles, you can use the first leverbell, then dumbbell, and finally the use of fixed equipment exercise to stimulate muscle growth.


How many times a week do beginners exercise?

Beginner fitness recommended 2-3 times a week, with training experience recommended 4-5 times a week. Want to work out the results, we must develop a detailed fitness plan, including the daily training projects, diet, rest, etc.


What are the three major strength training movements?

The bench press, squat, hard pull, known as the strength training gold three, these three movements can stab androgen secretion, stimulate muscle growth, is the essential fitness program in the three movements.


How long does it take for muscles to recover after training?

Large muscle groups need 48-72 hours to grow back, while small muscle groups need less time.


What is the principle of muscle growth?

Muscle through training so that muscle fibers tear, in adequate nutrition supplementation and rest, to achieve growth overload recovery to increase the dimension of muscle.


What is the most important thing about fitness movements?

To ensure the correct movement and to feel the power process of the target muscles, so that fitness can achieve twice the result with half the effort. At the same time, the correct movement is also a guarantee of safety.


What is the meaning of 1RM weight?

RM refers to the maximum weight that can be done in standard numbers. 1RM is the weight that can only be done one time per group for a certain movement, and 4RM is the weight that can only be done four times per group for a certain movement.


What is the relationship between the number of movements and fitness?

Dynamic weight can only do 1 ~ 4 times the main growth of absolute muscle strength and physical strength, can do 6 ~ 12 times the main growth of muscle circumference, do 16 ~ 20 times the main development of small muscle groups and increase the elasticity of muscle lines, more than 25 times mainly used for fat loss, enhance cardiorespiratory function, fitness and shaping.


How long can I replenish my food after training?

Half an hour after training can eat, muscle building partners mainly to high carbohydrate and high protein food, fat loss partners mainly to low-carb, high protein food as the main.

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