The World Health Organization released five principles of dietary health, take a look!

We all know that diet and health are closely related, but what kind of diet is good for health has been controversial, which food has the effect of cancer prevention and anti-cancer is also still controversial. 2021, a new year has begun, let's take a look at the five principles of dietary health released by the World Health Organization.

1、Variety of ingredients

The World Health Organization believes that each food has its own nutrient content and can bring different nutritional needs to people. Therefore, in order to consume comprehensive nutrition should ensure the diversity of ingredients every day. For example, in addition to white rice, the staple food can also be millet, corn, wheat, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

2、Balanced nutrition

Although we all know that eating too much meat and vegetables is not good, eating vegetables is good for health, but if the meat category eat too little also can not provide enough protein and iron, calcium and other trace elements, so every meal should be meat, eggs, fish, vegetables with.

3、Less oil and less salt

Eating too salty food for a long time can raise blood pressure, and high blood pressure can cause heart disease and stroke, and also cause serious cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, you should try to have less salt in your home cooking, and at the same time, eat less in restaurants and also eat less processed food, such as ham and salami.

4、Eat less sweets

We all ignore the impact of sweets on human health. Excessive intake of sugar can trigger overweight and obesity, which can lead to all kinds of diseases. And sugar is not only finished sugar, drinks, cream cakes, fruits, etc. all contain a lot of sugar.

5. Quit drinking

Finally, the World Health Organization also points out that alcohol can cause liver cancer, and in the diet, alcohol should be limited as much as possible, especially white wine and spirits with high alcohol content.

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