Do you know these weight loss secrets?

Weight loss, it can be said that a common topic, but today we want to talk about is not a simple way to lose weight, but to teach you a deep understanding of weight loss, now many people think that weight loss is simply to lose fat, but in fact is not so simple, want to know the right way to lose weight? Come together to learn.

How to evaluate the effect of weight loss?

Scientific research, if we want to see how a certain way on the effect of weight loss first to choose a specific population (sample), at least the degree of obesity should be similar, not very fat and slightly fat than, and then randomly divided into two groups, in addition to interventions (such as exercise or diet), other races, living environment, occupation, personal habits, etc. should be basically the same, in fact, it is very difficult to do, such an experimental design has been very powerful, but the conclusion is not correct, but also just tell us which way may be useful or superior to another, for reference. But the conclusion is not correct, but also just tell us which way may be useful or better than another, for reference, and also need to be repeatedly verified. So it is difficult is not. Some people cite some successful cases to listen to, but from the scientific research point of view, there is little reference value. The evaluation of the effect of weight loss methods are based on the summary of scientific literature data.

The correct understanding of weight loss

1, the "fat" of weight loss

When we say lose "fat", the loss is not only fat. In fact, we lost a mixture of body fat and muscle tissue. To illustrate an example, the study found that after dieting, the weight lost in fat accounted for an average of 75%, 25% of muscle. Further, water loss accounts for a large percentage of this weight loss. Remember, on average, water accounts for 70% of a person's body weight, while muscle tissue contains almost 75% of water (plus 20% of protein and 5% of minerals) and fat contains about 50% of water.

2, the impact of weight loss reasons

There is no standard or unified rate of weight loss. The reason is that the rate of weight loss is affected by a variety of factors: weight; diet and lifestyle; physical exercise; health conditions and genes (such as the rate of metabolism); stress, etc.

3, weight loss is not an exact science

Now you know, weight loss will involve other tissues other than fat tissue, and the rate of weight loss is determined by a variety of independent factors. Accurately answer the question "how fast can I lose weight? This question is not impossible, but subject to so many constraints, or very difficult to answer. As a reference, here are some suggestions to help you maximize the effect of weight loss.

4, the limit of weight loss

A week to lose 20 pounds is not impossible, but the loss of water is likely only. And in the daily diet, they will soon be reabsorbed, increasing body weight.

The scientific principles of weight loss

Although there are numerous ways to lose weight on the network, but most of them are for individuals or exaggerate the miraculous effect, and regardless of how many ways to lose weight, at least you can do so.

  • The correct understanding of vegetables and fruits

Some successful weight loss girls know that vegetables and fruits can not be eaten as a staple food for a long time, because the body lacks lipids, proteins and minerals, metabolism will be reduced to the detriment of weight loss.

  • Exercise is not to lose weight

In the period of weight loss always inevitably encounter very want to eat taboo high calorie food, really can not resist eating some more girls will be desperately exercise, trying to let the exercise consumption of calories to offset the calories of the food eaten more. In fact, if you eat more food calories is not a lot, there is absolutely no need to increase the amount of exercise. Because this will make the weight loss plan becomes more chaotic, when you really can not control the food addiction, you can eat a little bit of their favorite food, which is beneficial to weight loss.

Many people have the need to lose weight, but the real weight loss success of only a few people, but do not think that this minority of weight loss methods are more than sacred, others may just find a suitable method for themselves, if you also hope to lose weight successfully, you must find a suitable method for themselves.

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