Do not change this, the weight can never be reduced

There is no shortage of people around us yelling about weight loss as a whole, they often sweat like rain in the gym and sports field, but often little effect, why is this? Experts from the health field said that people who lose weight often ignore the most fundamental problem, that is, the diet problem.

In fact, although exercise is important for mood and overall well-being, it usually does not allow you to lose weight quickly. Instead, successfully reversing your eating habits will enable you to achieve your weight loss goals. In any weight loss program, changing the diet is very important. Weight loss people should focus on slowly changing eating habits, such as eating more vegetables, less carbohydrates.

One large study synthesized more than 3,000 obese adults who had successfully lost weight through a low-calorie diet. The study compared the effect of their weight maintenance, some of them adhere to a new diet plan, some people began to exercise regularly. The results found that the change in diet helps to maintain the results of weight loss, while the exercise is not significant effect.

One of the reasons why eating habits are so important for weight loss is that exercise does not burn as many calories as people think - especially compared to the high caloric content of many processed and fast foods (such as burgers, fries, etc.). Many typical fast foods can contain thousands of calories, sometimes more than the daily caloric requirements of most adults. A shocking fact: You have to walk 56 kilometers to burn off 3,500 calories.

Of course, exercise is also very important. Another large study involving more than 1,000 adults found that: long-term, a combination of healthy diet and regular exercise weight loss program is the most effective, more than the effect of diet alone or exercise alone.

In addition, scientists have a lot of recent research shows that aerobic exercise is the brain's magical cure. Exercise can not only enhance the mood, but also to slow down the decline of the brain, and even to enhance the effect of memory capacity.

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