Sitting overlapping legs injury waist, injury pelvis experts exposed: "this posture" killing power more terrible

Often feel the shoulder, neck, waist and back inexplicably sore? It may be your bad posture that causes the trouble! We all know that "overlapping legs" is extremely harmful to the body, but in life, many people for the sake of convenience and comfort, at any time "cross-legged sitting" on the ground, but often sit out a disease. In fact, "cross-legged sitting" on the body will cause what harm?

Canadian chiropractor Huang Ruyu said that many people are accustomed to sitting cross-legged, this wrong sitting posture, the damage to the spine, joints, ligaments, muscles is no less than the foot, the damage to the spine, the lumbar vertebrae and recommendation vertebrae are the first to bear the brunt; if sitting cross-legged for a long time, it is easy to cause the C-shaped arc of the lumbar vertebrae to become smaller and straighter, the emergence of disc protrusion, bone spurs, spinal slippage and other problems, often making the waist vaguely painful, when the spinal curve is abnormal, and may cause the pelvis skewed, the seriousness should not be underestimated.

The Internet is full of "more likely to harm the human spine than cross-legged, cross-legged sitting" theory, which has caused a lot of discussion. Huang Ruyu explained that cross-legged sitting is often seated on the floor, the human spine and pelvis without support, which is more prone to injury; in contrast, cross-legged, you need a chair to carry out, with the back of the chair and the auxiliary support of a single foot, the pressure and burden is certainly reduced.

The misconception that sitting cross-legged is comfortable has such a great impact on health, what posture should be used instead to sit on the floor? Ruyu Huang suggests that it is better to have a chair and sit properly! Because it is conceivable that sitting on the floor will bring harm to the spine, joints, muscles and ligaments.

However, any posture that is maintained for a long time is not conducive to health, Huang Ru-yu stressed that even if you find a chair with a back, using the correct sitting posture, but sitting for hours, there will still be shoulder, neck and back pain, cross-legged sitting is also.

It is recommended that in addition to maintaining the correct sitting posture and getting up at the right time to move the muscles and bones, you should also strengthen the muscles of your waist, abdomen, buttocks and thighs to maintain the stability of the spine, pelvis, joints and other bones through the strength of the muscles, which can prevent soreness.

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