COVID-19, a new coronavirus 4 variant WHO: Vaccine research not affected

The recent discovery of Wuhan pneumonia (novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19) variants in the United Kingdom has renewed the global challenge. According to the latest WHO report, four new coronavirus variants have been notified of global transmission, and it has been confirmed that the infectious power will indeed increase, but there is no evidence that the symptoms of infection will be exacerbated.

D614G mutation is the most widely transmitted

The report notes that the first variant, which emerged between January and February 2020, replaced the original SARS-CoV-2 strain as the so-called dominant virus around July of the same year, and that this variant is more contagious but does not cause more severe symptoms or change the current diagnosis, control, or effectiveness of the vaccine.

Mink mutant virus in Denmark

The second variant was found in Danish mink breeding farms in January/February 2020, infecting mink in breeding and later infecting humans. The Danish authorities call this variant Cluster 5, and research on this virus is still ongoing.

British variant has been found in 33 countries

The third variant is the UK variant that has received the most attention recently. According to the WHO, the UK variant is more contagious, but does not cause more severe symptoms or recurrent infections with different strains of the virus, which has been found in 33 countries and territories so far.

South African variant found in 8 countries

The fourth variant is the newly discovered 501Y.V. This virus is spreading rapidly in South Africa and has been found in eight countries. Preliminary studies indicate that the South African variant carries a higher amount of virus, which implies greater transmission, but further investigation is pending. In addition, at this stage, there is no clear evidence that this new variant of the virus will cause more serious symptoms.

WHO said that the emergence of new coronavirus variants is to be expected, it is important to continue to closely monitor the impact of the virus on public health, and the stronger infectivity of the variant virus, which will make prevention more difficult, but the current prevention measures are still effective, but also must be ready to adjust the direction of prevention and research in response to new findings of variant virus.

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