Concern for young people's mental health

Youth is the stage between adolescence and middle age, in this period, people have reached physical and psychological maturity, full of energy and creativity, and begin to slowly move toward a fully independent life, but with it, there are also many life challenges.

What are the physiological and psychological characteristics of youth?

(1) Physiological characteristics: Youth growth and development have matured around the age of 22, and various physiological functions have entered the best state of young adulthood. Physical qualities, including strength, endurance, speed, agility and flexibility, are at their peak during youth.

(2) Psychological characteristics: The cognitive ability of youth tends to be perfected, and the oral and written expressions tend to be perfected; the emotions are rich, strong but unstable, and the content of emotions becomes more profound and has obvious tendencies. As they grow older, their self-control ability will gradually improve; their control over their volitional activities is increasing, and the decisiveness of their behavior is also increasing; their personality is gradually maturing, one of which is expressed in the maturity of their self-awareness, and the other is the formation of young people's outlook on life and values, and they have a more stable and systematic view of nature, society, life and love, a scientific explanation of natural phenomena, a basic understanding of the development of society The process of socialization is greatly accelerated by the scientific explanation of natural phenomena, the basic understanding of social development, the understanding of life and the gradual determination of mate selection.

What aspects of mental health in young adulthood are included?

(1) Developing good adaptive skills.

Youth is a period of self-exploration and self-awareness development, and must go out into society to live independently. In their social life, they often encounter various frustrations and interpersonal conflicts that need to be dealt with. As a youth, you should know yourself correctly and help your youth to set appropriate goals so as to avoid unnecessary psychological frustrations and feelings of failure.

(2) Address emotional problems in a timely manner.

Young people are rich in ideals, but easily struck when the objective reality does not match their ideals, the following countermeasures can be taken to adjust the emotions and emotions in time to get rid of the trouble as soon as possible: expectations are appropriate, and should be adjusted according to their own ability within their capabilities. At the same time, the expectations of others should not be too high; increase the experience of pleasant life: everyone's life contains a variety of happy and sad life experiences, for a psychologically healthy person, more memories of positive, pleasant life experiences, to help overcome bad emotions; find appropriate opportunities to vent their emotions in a timely manner, people in emotional anxiety and anxiety, may wish to find a good friend to talk, or go to psychological counseling, or even face the wall alone. You can even face the wall alone to tell the depression in your chest; action transfer or sublimation method, you can use new work, new actions to transfer the interference of bad emotions.

 (3) Prevention of sexual distress.

Youth is the peak period for the development of sexual and related mental health problems, and is closely related to the happiness of marriage and family. It is difficult to deal with sex and the problems that follow. But first of all, we should have a scientific understanding of sex, and have the correct knowledge and attitude towards sex is the primary issue of psychosexual health. Sex is neither mysterious nor dirty, it is natural and reasonable; nor should it be free and indulgent, violating ethics and laws and regulations. Should increase the normal interaction between men and women, after the normal friendly interaction between the two sexes, will often make young men and women more secure, more serious choice of spouse, will deepen understanding in the interaction, the gradual development, will reduce the proportion of love because of boredom and empty, the success rate of a happy marriage will be higher.

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