Common sense: back pain should be ice or hot compress? Rehabilitation doctors reveal the "correct time to use"

Modern office workers due to long working hours, life pressure, when the pressure is easy to tension, a tension, muscle relaxation is not easy, therefore, "here sore, there pain" for many people, has long been a daily routine; back pain for a long time without treatment, let muscle tension and fatigue, will become chronic pain, serious and even muscle inflammation, should not be ignored!

The three main culprits of soreness are prolonged sitting, little movement, and poor posture.

In addition to long-term poor posture will affect soreness, if you are sedentary and lack of exercise, it is also a killer of soreness. If you think that soreness only happens to the elderly, you are very wrong! As a matter of fact, soreness has long been not the monopoly of the elderly, but we have all experienced it.

As for people who do not like to exercise, the metabolism in the body will gradually become slower, making it difficult to eliminate the waste in the body, so the soreness will continue to accumulate, because muscle soreness represents the metabolic waste (lactic acid) hoarded in the body, the only way to increase the metabolism, lactic acid can be smoothly discharged from the body, and only then will not cause soreness.

Most of the back pain is caused by poor posture, except for medical diseases.

Since pain and soreness is like a shadow, which parts of the body are most prone to pain and soreness? According to medical research, 80% of people have at least one experience of low back pain in their lifetime, which shows that in terms of pain in various parts of the body, low back pain is the most common.

Some people suddenly bend over, causing acute lumbar sprain, commonly known as "flash to the waist", so painful that they cannot stand up! The phrase "back pain is not a disease, but a pain that really kills" is believed to fully express the pain of patients. Dr. James Wu, a rehabilitation physician, said that the causes of back pain are not only caused by a small number of internal diseases such as gastrointestinal discomfort, but also caused by incorrect posture in daily life, or by bone spurs formed by aging, or by external injuries, among which poor posture in daily life and abnormal movements cause excessive pressure on the lower back.

In addition, including muscle ligament strain, bone spur or disc cartilage herniation, etc., there are also sports injuries, heavy lifting, prolonged sitting, and even coughing and sneezing, etc., which may cause acute and chronic back pain, especially the back pain caused by prolonged sitting, and there is an increasing trend of back pain.

Ice and hot compresses depend on whether the area is swollen or not, ice helps to reduce swelling and pain

Once the symptoms of low back pain appear in the early stage and are not properly treated and rehabilitated, the symptoms will become serious after 10 or 20 years and the treatment will be relatively difficult. Many people will immediately think of applying hot compresses when they encounter back pain, but some people think that ice compresses should be applied first, and some even suggest that ice compresses should be applied first for 24 hours, and some even think that ice compresses should be applied first for 72 hours. And how long should it be applied for the right time?

If there is swelling, ice must be applied first because the purpose of ice is to weaken the blood circulation and achieve the effect of swelling and pain relief. Therefore, if it is an acute strain or localized strain, it is best to apply ice first and then start applying heat after the swelling has subsided.

As for how long to ice? It depends on the condition of the swelling. Some people swell quickly within 24 hours in one day, so they can follow with hot compresses; however, some people need 3 days to swell, so they follow with hot compresses.

Hot compresses promote blood circulation, and hot springs can also achieve the same effect

The purpose of a hot compress is to relax the muscles around the affected area and promote blood circulation, so that the injured area can be relieved and healing can be promoted.

However, if the herniated disc presses on the nerve and makes the muscle tense, then you should apply heat directly to relax the surrounding muscles, or soak in a hot spring to achieve the same effect.

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