Can middle-aged 40-year-olds still get stronger through fitness? Yes, you can! I'm afraid you can not persevere

40 years old, is already reached the standard of middle-aged people. Then the question arises, 40-year-old middle-aged people can still become strong through fitness? The answer is yes, not to mention 40 years old, even if 60 years old, 80 years old, still able to become stronger through fitness exercises.

It seems that in the eyes of ordinary people, most people at the age of 40 should be "greasy men". Hair loss, three high, fatty liver and other problems are in the middle-aged group. However, it is not difficult to find in life, as long as you turn your attention to the people around your life, you will also find that most of the ordinary people who have been working out for a long time and have achieved results, this part is almost always middle-aged people. So, 40 years old middle-aged people through the fitness must be able to become strong. Any middle-aged people who insist on exercising can make their bodies become healthier and stronger.

What is fitness? What is strength?

What is fitness?

Perhaps many people are aware of what fitness is. In layman's terms, all sports that ordinary people participate in are considered fitness. There are two main types of training, one is called aerobic training, such as running, swimming, cycling, etc., and the other is called strength training, such as: masturbation, self-weight training, etc.. But there are also people who define fitness as just strength training as the main exercise.

In life, we actually do not need to distinguish what fitness is, we just need to understand: all ordinary people can participate in the exercise of sports.

What is strong?

It is not difficult to understand, as the literal meaning, strong is through the exercise to make the body stronger and stronger, in other words, the body is better than the original. Stronger can be summarized as follows.

1, muscle mass improvement, overall strength becomes larger, do physical activities appear easy.

2, body coordination is enhanced, in the time of various fitness programs, the body can better adapt.

3, the body becomes better, body fat rate decreased, the body curve is obvious.

4, cardiorespiratory function improved, both physical fitness and their own endurance, have been enhanced.

5, the body becomes healthier, and not often cold, usually insomnia and other minor problems have become better.

6, psychological health, fitness to improve the temperament, self-confidence will also be improved.

"Stronger" can be in many ways, muscles can become stronger, and heart and lung function can also become "stronger". So, all we need to know is that getting stronger is about getting healthier.

As a 40-year-old middle-aged people, how to exercise through fitness, so that they become "stronger" it?

Want to become stronger, is only to enhance the above-mentioned six aspects of the body to become stronger. In fact, in the fitness process, just need to do a simple 3 aspects, you can make the body become more "strong".

Method 1, long-term firm cardio training, maintain a good body

As almost every fitness novice, the beginning of fitness want to find a suitable for themselves, in a short period of time (half a month) fitness effect and very good exercise. But in reality, this kind of exercise is impossible to exist. Whether it is middle-aged or young people, you need to persevere through a period of time (2-3 months) of fitness, in order to achieve good fitness results.

Most of the fitness is to lose weight, fat loss and shaping, especially women, will often do whatever it takes to lose weight. In fact, want to lose fat and shape, we do not need to find a suitable exercise program, just aerobic training can lose fat and maintain a good figure. The most common cardio training are: running, rope skipping, cycling, HIIT high-intensity interval training, etc.. In the gym cardio training are: stepper, elliptical machine, exercise bike, etc.. Of course, if you have more time, you can also go with friends to play badminton, basketball, etc., these are all aerobic training.

The aerobic training that is commonly seen in life basically has the same characteristic, that is, the threshold is low. We do not need to bother to learn the professionalism of aerobic training, and, the intensity of aerobic training can be controlled, from low to high, the fat burning effect is very good, especially suitable for middle-aged people to participate. Not only can lose weight, but also maintain the body and physical health.

At the same time, long-term aerobic training, but also to make endurance, cardiorespiratory function better. This is also a way to make the body become "strong".

Method 2: Strength training to improve body muscle mass and increase strength

Our body, starting at the age of 30, muscle loss will become very serious. In middle age, that is, after the age of 40, many people may not even be able to do a simple push-up, and women will also be more obvious this situation. By the age of 60, the whole body will lose about 35% of its muscle mass, so the amount of muscle mass in the body is also vital to the health of middle-aged people.

In middle age, the body's basic metabolism will also be reduced, people will gain weight, most middle-aged people at this time are only trying to lose weight, never strength training. Although aerobic training can promote fat burning, but, however, ignored a more important point, high basal metabolic rate, can also help burn calories, and high muscle mass, representing the body's basal metabolic rate is high. In addition, maintaining muscle mass also allows middle-aged people to become more fit, and can effectively prevent bone damage and play a role in protecting joints.

Strength training to improve muscle mass and strength is also a way to make the body "stronger".

Method 3: All fitness programs should be cyclical and progressive

The cycle of progressive in fitness is of paramount importance. Middle-aged people in the fitness before, must be clear about their body can withstand the level of exercise is how much, do not blindly start fitness on the use of high intensity, large weight, long time way to fitness, this will bring great harm to the body.

Whether it is strength training or aerobic training, are not too aggressive, we should be more conservative certain, the body safety first. In fact, many people can not do this principle of progressive cycle.

In life, it is not difficult to find that some newcomers to fitness are often very enthusiastic at the beginning, and even every day with high intensity, high weight training. This situation often produces two common results, one is to cause physical injury, the other is overtraining, so that the body often feel fatigue and give up fitness exercise.

Therefore, fitness must be cyclical and progressive, according to the ability to do. Prefer to take it easy with the exercise, but do not die of exhaustion. This can better improve the fitness effect, to avoid physical injury.

Middle-aged people tend to be very persistent in fitness, why? Because in middle age, there will be more and more problems with the body, either pain here or discomfort there, so middle-aged people tend to start working out harder and cherish it more. Also, they can persevere and obsess about fitness for a long time, just for the sake of better health. So, having a healthy body is better than anything else.

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