Barbell vs. dumbbell, how should you choose?

Barbells and dumbbells, the two best equipment in fitness, they are very helpful for strength training and muscle gain in any part of the body, but many bodybuilders are confused about the choice of barbells and dumbbells, today from these two devices, to teach you how to choose.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of the two instruments.

Dumbbell advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of dumbbells: Dumbbells should be one of the most chosen equipment for fitness, it is convenient, there is no venue restrictions, the choice of weight is very diverse. In addition, dumbbells are safer compared to dumbbells, for example, dumbbells can be thrown away when they don't move, while dumbbells can be pressed against the body.

The disadvantage of dumbbells: the movement requires a higher balance of movement, especially when doing large weights core instability will lead to deformation of the movement, so the impact of large weights with dumbbells is easily limited.

Advantages and disadvantages of barbells.

Advantages of barbell: compared with dumbbell, it is easier to impact the weight, and many movements with large weight and multiple joints are inseparable from barbell, which is the key to increase the strength and improve the circumference.

Disadvantages of the barbell: the required field is larger compared to the dumbbell, and the requirements for safety are higher.

For those who work out at home.

If you exercise at home, limited space, it is recommended to use dumbbells. In terms of movement selection dumbbells are more flexible, and if used properly can exercise almost the entire body muscle groups, whether for muscle gain or fat loss are very helpful.

In addition, the weight of the dumbbell to choose the appropriate, it is recommended to choose as heavy as possible dumbbell, but must be able to adjust the weight. When the body strength increases over a period of time, too light dumbbells are easily eliminated, and the weight of the dumbbells required for different movements is different, so adjustable weight is very important.

If we go to the gym, how should we choose dumbbells and barbells?

For gym-goers, there are a variety of choices, including fixed equipment, semi-fixed equipment, TRX, and of course, dumbbells and barbells.

However, among all the machines, the ones you should practice the most must be dumbbells and barbells, because dumbbells and barbells belong to free strength, and free strength can give the body a completely different stimulation, and can also allow the overall development of muscles and strength. But how to choose the barbell vs dumbbell?

In fact, dumbbells and barbells have their own advantages and disadvantages for muscle stimulation.

  • For dumbbell strength training, the range of motion is greater, but the weight is limited.
  • For the barbell, the weight is heavier and is the first choice to break through the weight and limits, but it has a smaller range of motion compared to the dumbbell.

For example, when practicing shoulder training, the pushing movement must be the most crucial, but what about the dumbbell push or the barbell push?

Barbell push-ups are heavier and can be performed in a standing position, which has a very strong stimulating effect on the shoulders, core muscles and even the entire upper body. But the large weight of the dumbbell is more suitable for seated pushing, and the weight is far less than the barbell.

The advantages and disadvantages of both dumbbells and barbells are summarized, and we suggest that you choose the following.

Whether it is muscle building or fat loss, when doing strength training, arrange for barbell training first, because the weight of barbell will be heavier, and the requirements for status and physical fitness are higher.

And then after the dumbbell interspersed with dumbbell movements, a large range of activities can give better muscle stimulation. For example, practice chest first to do the barbell bench press, then do the dumbbell bench press and bird; practice back first to do the barbell rowing or barbell straight leg hard pull, then do the dumbbell single arm rowing; practice legs first to do the barbell squat, then do the dumbbell lunge walk or dumbbell Bulgarian squat and so on.

Give your body and muscles enough stimulation in each training session to achieve the best fitness effect, and a reasonable mix of barbells and dumbbells is the key to improving the overall training intensity.

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