What are the criteria for mental health in the elderly?

There is a standard for measuring the mental health of a person. So, how do the elderly know if they are mentally healthy? Do not worry, the elderly have these six criteria for psychological health, come together to understand it.

A person's mental health is very important, especially the elderly have to have a healthy mind. Mental health is a great help to the elderly health, so what is the standard of mental health of the elderly?

6 standards of mental health for the elderly

1. Maintain the integrity and harmony of personalities

The ability, interest, personality and temperament of each psychological characteristic of the personality must be harmonious and unified in order to experience a sense of happiness and satisfaction in life. For example, if a person is very capable, but not interested in the work he is doing, and not suitable for his personality, he may not be able to experience a sense of success and satisfaction. On the contrary, if a person is interested in his job but has poor ability and is not able to do it, he will also feel annoyed

2. Know yourself well

It means being able to objectively analyze your own abilities and make appropriate judgments. Whether you can make an objective and correct judgment of your own ability to have a great impact on your own emotions. Such as overestimating their own ability, reluctantly to do more than their own ability, often will not get the expected results in the imagination, and their spirit suffered a failure; too low estimate of their own ability, self-evaluation is too low, lack of self-confidence, will often produce depression.

3. Full sense of security

Security requires multi-level environmental conditions, such as the social environment, natural environment, work environment, family environment, etc., of which the family environment is the most important impact on the sense of security. Home is the harbor to escape the storm, with a home will have a sense of security.

4. Realistic life goals

To develop life goals according to their financial ability, family conditions and the corresponding social environment. The formulation of life goals should be realistic, but also allow room, do not exceed the scope of their own and family financial capacity. Laozi, the founder of Taoism, said, "There is no greater happiness than the absence of worries, and no greater wealth than contentment.

5. Keep in touch with the outside world

In this way, on the one hand, you can enrich your spiritual life, and on the other hand, you can adjust your behavior in time to better adapt to the environment. Keeping in touch with the outside environment includes three aspects, namely, contact with nature, society and people. Older people who are retired and have too much free time at home often become depressed or anxious. Today's senior centers, senior cultural centers and senior colleges provide the conditions for seniors to be in touch with the outside world.

6. Possess certain learning ability

In modern society, in order to adapt to new lifestyles, it is necessary to keep learning. For example, if you don't learn computer, you won't experience the fun of surfing the Internet; if you don't learn new concepts of health, your life will remain at the level of food, clothing and warmth.

Learning can train the memory and thinking ability of the elderly, which is beneficial to the prevention of brain function decline and dementia.

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