Slimming: What kind of people want to lose weight?

So many girls are yelling to lose weight, in fact, many girls are in good shape, they really need to lose weight? What kind of people will need to lose weight?

1, Because the fear of obesity leads to a variety of diseases people need to lose weight, many diseases and obesity are more or less related, then obesity will lead to what diseases?

①. Cardiovascular disease: obese people are more likely to suffer from hypertension, heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. The longer you are fat, the higher the risk of diabetes!

②. Liver disease: obesity due to the accumulation of body fat in the liver, thus forming a fatty liver, also known as fatty liver deformation. Seriously, fatty liver will further deteriorate and cause hepatitis and cirrhosis disease.

③. Cancer: obese people are more likely to suffer from colon cancer, and obesity will also bother your reproductive organs, male obese people are prone to prostate cancer, female obese people are prone to endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer ......

④. Respiratory system diseases: obesity can hinder the respiratory system breathing, the chances of sleep apnea breathing in obese people is 25-30 times that of normal people.

Obesity caused by the disease is far more than these, joint soft tissue damage, fertility decline and psychological disorders, heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, fatty liver, gallstones, edema, gout and other production and obesity have a great relationship, so away from obesity, is away from the disease towards the most effective method of health.

2, Self-perception is very fat people need to lose weight

But what kind of is considered obese? Is there a standard? Standard is there, many people have heard of a body mass index, is the BMI value, your weight divided by two height, for example, I have 65 kg of weight, 1 m 67 height, with 65/1.67/1.67 = 23.3 is my BMI value, BMI value greater than or equal to 24, is overweight, BMI value greater than 28, you are obese.

In fact, the vast majority of girls in life are not obese, but they are for their own body, for the curve, are day after day, year after year in that movement. But there are many people who are afraid to exercise and let their bodies develop.

Why are girls so thin, but still there every day nagging to lose weight? This is the "kitsch" psychology, because the social culture of girls concept "thin for the beauty", thin to what extent the guidelines? "Only the thinner not the thinnest", the street when girls see wearing ultra-short long thin legs, cast more eyes than men's gaze, the heart can not help but sigh "good thin ah! Than my legs thin more", and women's psychology, the reason why "kitsch" up, and from the men, look at the catwalk on the thin female favor, and society continues to instill the "kitsch" glamour s curve.

The thin women will often send some "I want to grow meat" "I want to 100 pounds", often just enjoy the likes of people, comments people say "Wow! You are too thin" "devil body". As well as stimulate those fat people.

In fact, a thousand mistakes are men's fault, you see married women, if a little happier families, women's pursuit of thin only stops at the mouth "weight loss from tomorrow" "I just eat a little more today does not matter", because she and her husband together for a long time, found that the original husband appreciated my not "long thin legs", not bony beauty, this time the "kitsch" mentality of society does not have too many ideas for her.

3、Career needs

Cabin crew, military, front desk, sales, media, advertising, art industry and so on, these types of students who need to wear professional clothes, I believe that they will change their image and temperament through their own dress to achieve better results to face customers.

Which one do you belong to? Do you need to lose weight?

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