Slimming: What kind of people need to lose weight?

How to determine if I am obese? 

Medical evaluation of obesity is the most commonly used indicator is the body mass index (BMI), the calculation method is weight (kg) divided by the square of height (height in meters), according to the standard: BMI ≥ 24 for overweight, BMI ≥ 28 for obese.

Therefore, the medical weight loss is not to whether "slim" as the standard. If your body mass index is at the level of overweight, you need to pay attention to their eating habits; if you are at the level of obesity, and have diabetes, hypertension, gout and other diseases, then weight loss is an important part of the disease treatment.

Daily weight loss 5 misconceptions

There are many ways to lose weight, but in reality there are often many misconceptions.

Misconception 1: Eat spicy food can lose weight. 

This is the viewpoint held by many people. That eating spicy easy to sweat, eat a little has been a feeling of saturation. Eating spicy is a certain role in weight loss, but, if you go on for a long time will affect the stomach function, serious stomach pain and even the risk of stomach bleeding. And eat too much stimulating food will also make the skin rough, long acne, but the loss is not worth it.

Misconception 2: And the fat "cut off".

Fatty food digestive, anti-hunger, after eating can reduce the intake of starchy food and snacks, play a positive role in weight loss. Some people who lose weight in order to control the amount of food with snacks to fill the hunger, resulting in weight gain without loss. In addition, containing monounsaturated fatty acids corn oil and olive oil has the effect of reducing low-density lipoprotein, is the ideal cooking oil for weight loss and bodybuilding. Therefore, the intake of the right amount of fat not only does not affect the body shape, but also beneficial to bodybuilding.

Misconception 3: Drinking water will make the body fat.

In fact, only the lack of water will cause the body to continuously accumulate water as compensation, and make the body more easily accumulate fat, resulting in obesity. Insufficient drinking water may also cause the body's metabolic disorders, resulting in more energy absorption, less release. Therefore, for weight loss people, drinking enough water not only can not achieve the purpose of weight loss, but also will cause more serious damage to health.

Misconception 4: Not eating breakfast can lose weight.

Many people mistakenly believe that not eating breakfast can reduce the intake of calories, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss, not knowing that not eating breakfast is extremely harmful to the human body, not beneficial to health, will affect the day's work and life. Therefore, we must eat breakfast, but also eat well, not eat casually.

Misconception 5: Tights, sauna, massager can lose weight.

Some plastic-made "weight loss straitjacket", in essence, will only increase the degree of sweating of the wrapped body parts, and sweating out only water, not fat. Sauna will excrete a lot of sweat, so that the body weight appears to be illusory decline. Unfortunately, what is lost is water, not fat, and once hydrated, the original weight will be restored. Beauty salons use electrotherapy massager, the principle is to make muscle firmness and elasticity through electric stimulation, rather than direct fat consumption, for people who want to lose weight, the effect is not much.

Scientific weight loss 5 methods

The above methods are not scientific, how to lose weight is reasonable? The fact that balanced nutrition with appropriate exercise is the only way to lose weight scientifically. People are mainly obese because of unbalanced nutrition, some nutrients intake too much, such as high-calorie fat, and some can promote fat burning and degradation of nutrients intake is not enough, plus do not pay attention to exercise, resulting in fat metabolism dysregulation, caused by obesity.

Here, we combine medical knowledge and clinical experience, to recommend five kinds of scientific weight loss methods:

1. Reduce caloric intake: If you will reduce the daily caloric intake of 100 kcal, it is possible to lose 4 kg in about 5 weeks.

2. Change the structure of the diet: do not reduce the amount of food consumed, but correspondingly change the structure of the diet. With a variety of fruits, vegetables and cereals instead of high-fat food. In addition, you can use liquid food instead of daily meals, but pay attention to the choice of food should fully provide you with the required nutrients.

3. Outdoor exercise: 3 to 5 times a week outdoor exercise is a good way to burn body fat and improve vitality, but each time the time should be more than 30 minutes. Can also walk to lose weight, at least 5 days a week, walk 45 minutes a day, the trip is about 5 km, pay attention to maintain a certain speed, not too slow.

4. Weightlifting exercise: by strength training can also make you lose weight, because weightlifting can increase muscle, the more developed muscle, the faster the human metabolism. Strength training is not very suitable for older people, in order to avoid injury, it is best to hire a coach.

5. Drink more water: Drinking water can accelerate the metabolic cycle in the body to promote fat burning. In addition, to drink less, too much sugar in beverages, the health of the body is not good.

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