It is easy to gain weight after quitting smoking, so smoking will help to lose weight?

Can smoking help you lose weight, let's take a look.

When many people who have successfully quit smoking share what changes have happened to their bodies after quitting, one of the issues they basically mention is that they have gained weight significantly after quitting. In fact, the problem of gaining weight easily after quitting smoking has been circulating in the society, which makes many people who are ready to quit smoking hesitate, especially some female smokers.

There is a reason why it is easy to gain weight after quitting smoking, and I will explain the reason in the following content. But now there is a wrong viewpoint: smoking helps to lose weight! It is because of this wrong point of view, so that some people who are obese themselves began to learn to smoke by hearsay, so that the addiction to smoking want to quit but always can not quit, weight also did not come down but also increased.

Why is it easy to gain weight after quitting smoking?

I believe that those who have experienced quitting smoking know that the process of quitting will leave you with a feeling of emptiness due to withdrawal symptoms, and you will not feel comfortable without something in your mouth. In order not to let yourself choose cigarettes, many smokers will prepare some snacks such as dried fruits to keep their mouths from stopping.

There is another reason for gaining weight after quitting smoking, and that is that after quitting smoking, the smelling and tasting senses of smokers begin to slowly recover, and the functions of various organs in the body will also begin to slowly improve. If the appetite and digestive system become better, it is easy to gain weight after quitting smoking if the amount of food or eating habits are the same as before smoking.

Smoking to lose weight is like putting out a fire!

If you have heard of smoking to lose weight, I believe you must have heard the people around you said that it is very difficult to quit after getting addicted to smoking. People who want to rely on smoking to lose weight, basically they can not control their diet or can not adhere to the exercise of a class of people. In fact, think about it, since you can not control the diet or insist on exercise, and how to control the impact of nicotine addiction on you? Are you willing to risk being enslaved by nicotine for the rest of your life? Moreover, smoking is not necessarily able to lose weight, unless you can smoke your digestive function is completely lost, then even if you want not to lose weight are difficult!

Now we think about the idea of smoking to lose weight is really stupid, in real life we still see smoking big fat people, why they did not lose weight?

In fact, the problem of quitting smoking to gain weight can be avoided.

A reasonable diet, a balanced intake of nutrients.

Eat more coarse grains, vegetables and fruits, pay attention when eating fruits, as far as possible, do not over-consume too sweet fruits; pay attention to hidden fats, fried foods as little as possible, the practice can be more steamed as the main; try not to drink fruit juices, in order to prevent calorie intake exceeds the limit, so the insurance way is not to drink.

Proper and reasonable exercise. 

Wake up every morning jogging 30 minutes, the body slightly sweating, go home and take a hot shower, not only to ensure that every day full of energy, but also to strengthen the body. Walk after meals, do not sit still.

A happy state of mind is more conducive to weight loss. 

Smoking friends you can think back carefully, from the time you start smoking, is not less time to exercise. You should exercise for a purely self-serving reason, so you can make you more enjoy the beauty of life. A healthy body helps to develop a healthy mind.

If you are worried about gaining weight after quitting smoking or trying to lose weight by quitting smoking, see if this makes you more aware of the key to things? I hope you have a healthy body, but also a positive and healthy mind.

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