Are you as fragile as glass? 3 "mental strength training" to increase stress resistance

Meet frustration would like to hide, Are you as fragile as glass?

Mental like a muscle, lack of training, that is, fragile as glass; strengthen training, encounter major setbacks, but also can quickly climb out of the trough. If the mental strength to practice up, we will be more able to deal with negative emotions, become a higher EQ people.

Mental strength is divided into three components.

Thinking: Are you able to use rational thinking to confront the bad things in your life and become aware of overblown, arbitrary and subjective thinking in your head? You can be less critical of the way you speak and see yourself in a more reasonable light.

Emotions: Are you able to control your emotions rather than be controlled by them? Denying or suppressing emotions is not the way to control them, but rather to be aware of them when they arise, to know why they arise, and to find ways to deal with them before they get out of control.

Behavior: Are you on the path of "making yourself better," getting yourself in a healthier state of mind and body, and living a more meaningful life, rather than hurting yourself and letting yourself go?

These three elements do not work independently, but interactively, so the stronger one becomes, the more the other elements will grow with it.

3 Exercises to Increase Mental Strength

The following are three specific actions that can be implemented in daily life for thinking, emotion, and behavior.

1. Change the way you talk to yourself

What do you say to yourself when you have a failure? Is it "How could you be so stupid" or "It's okay, you did your best"? We may have internalized the way our parents, teachers or others spoke to us when we were young, and these voices have become our own internal voices, constantly attacking us. Give your heart more care and tenderness, just like the way we speak to our friends, and it will gradually grow stronger from the wounds.

2. Help label emotions

It is said that a child's emotion is a glass of pure juice, whether it is grape juice or watermelon juice, you will know when you taste it, while an adult's emotion is a comprehensive glass of juice, we drink a lot of flavors, but can not tell what is in it.

Practice focusing on experiencing your emotions, learning whether this "cloud" of emotions is sadness, anger, shame, jealousy, or helplessness, and labeling them. The mere act of labeling can create a distance between emotions and us, allowing us to see ourselves, others and the world more objectively and rationally.

3. Accumulate a positive emotional routine

Don't wait until you catch a cold to pay attention to your health. You should strengthen your body's immunity through good sleep, diet and exercise habits. Likewise, don't wait until you have an emotional breakdown to pay attention to your mental health. Accumulating positive emotional experiences is the most direct way to increase your mental strength. Make things you like to do such as jogging, painting, and cooking a regular habit, and add happy, satisfying experiences to your daily life.

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