Long-term work late into the night overtime workers, these 11 major hazards, have to prevent

Nowadays, young people are busy and under pressure, often working late into the night because of their work, relying on the pressure of their lives to complete the high workload. High workload when the nerves are in a tight state, not only the brain does not get enough rest, but also easy to mess up the body, suffering from a variety of diseases.

People who often stay up late and work overtime, do not always feel young nothing. Staying up late on the body damage is not not to come, just the time has not come. Once the performance, regret too late ah! Overtime dogs stay up late for a long time 11 major hazards, has helped you sort out, I hope you can pay attention to.

Long-term work late into the night of overtime workers, these 11 major hazards, have to prevent

1, depression

People who often stay up late are more likely to suffer from depression, one is the long-term lack of sleep, the body is in a state of fatigue, easy to produce discomfort, serious patients will appear the physical symptoms of depression, such as nausea, panic and shortness of breath.

Second, high-intensity work will make people in a state of long-term mental tension, which will make people become quiet, depressed and increase loneliness.

2, neurasthenia

Excessive use of the brain, the time to rest does not rest, the body can not keep up with the nutrition, it is easy to lead to the occurrence of neurasthenia, easy to excite the spirit and brain fatigue phenomenon.

3, endocrine disorders

Under normal circumstances, human hormones are at a normal level, but staying up late will make some hormone levels high, for example, in the sex hormone six test, if there is high prolactin, it may be related to sleep and mental. Women are also prone to menstrual cycle disorders, which need to be taken seriously.

4. Decreased immunity

Stay up late for a long time, the body is tired, the immune system will also be reduced, will give a variety of diseases can take advantage of the opportunity. People who stay up late often will be more likely to catch a cold than normal, women are prone to Qi and blood deficiency, and men are prone to kidney deficiency.

5, memory loss

Staying up late often will cause our memory to drop significantly, our concentration will be poor and our reaction will become slow, which greatly reduces our work efficiency. If you have already experienced memory loss, you should stop and give your brain a good rest.

6, vision loss

Long-term use of the eyes, do not get enough rest, eyes will appear dry and painful situation. For some people who are nearsighted themselves, vision is more likely to decline. Even if you stay up late, you need to soothe your eyes from time to time, close your eyes and rest for a while, so that your eyes get moisturized.

7, skin quality becomes worse

Staying up late can easily make people ugly. People who stay up late for a long time will not only have dark circles and bags under their eyes, but also loose skin around their eyes, and are prone to acne, blemishes, and severe oiliness. Adequate sleep is the best skin care products, do not or too dependent on the market repair creams such as skin care products, early to bed is the best skin care.

8, obese

The more people sleep late the more likely to be fat, people who work late at night in order to be able to refresh, will choose to eat some snacks, drink some coffee, which undoubtedly added a meal for themselves. Eat more consumption less, the weight will become heavier and heavier.

9, suffer from cardiovascular disease

Staying up late is one of the causes of almost all cardiovascular diseases, staying up late, the body will continue to be in a state of stress, adrenaline secretion increases, vascular contraction abnormalities, blood pressure increases. For those who have hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases related to blood vessels, it will trigger or aggravate the disease. Without improvement, blood clots are likely to occur.

10, affect the liver function

The liver's detoxification time is mainly at night, when the body is in a state of sleep, the liver can better detoxification. Staying up late will make the liver suffer in its operation, the toxin backlog in the liver can not be discharged, and will affect the detoxification function, so the vicious cycle, the liver's function is getting worse.

11, sudden death

The brain is like the running wheel in the clock, long hours of operation, lack of nourishment, one day the machine will age and become bad. Without proper rest, the sympathetic nerve of the brain is overexcited and the heart beats faster, which can lead to acute heart disease and thus sudden death. 

Everyone in the busy work should also pay attention to rest, can do not stay up late, do not stay up late, stay up late on the body's damage and can not be improved by making up for sleep, it is recommended that we arrange a reasonable rest time, good health!

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