What is the relationship between mental health and physical health?

The World Health Organization defines health as "Health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being, not the absence of disease and infirmity." From the WHO definition of health, it is clear that there is a clear difference from our traditional understanding: it includes three basic elements.

(1) Physical health.

(2) Mental health.

(3) Social adaptability.

The ability to adapt to society is the internationally recognized primary standard for mental health, and overall health includes two major components: physical health and mental health, which are closely related and inseparable. This is the essence of the concept of health.

Many people think that physical health and mental health are two unrelated concepts. In fact, this is incorrect. In reality, mental health and physical health are interlinked and interact with each other, and mental health affects physical health every moment. If a person is withdrawn, psychologically in a state of depression for a long time, it will affect the secretion of endocrine hormones, so that people's resistance is reduced, and disease will take advantage of the situation. An original physical health of the person, if always suspect that they have any disease, will be depressed all day, and finally lead to a real sickness.

Therefore, in daily life, on the one hand, we should pay attention to a reasonable diet and physical exercise, on the other hand, we should cultivate their sentiments, open their hearts and minds to avoid prolonged periods of time in the emotional state of tension. If you feel that your mood continues to be unhappy, you should promptly conduct psychological self-testing and, if necessary, go to a psychological outpatient clinic or psychological counseling center to receive help to ensure overall mental and physical health.

With the rapid development of natural science and the advent of the information age, our society is undergoing unprecedented changes. Industrialization, modernization, socialization and integration are increasing; the pace of people's life is accelerating, time is becoming more and more precious, and people are becoming more and more efficient; independent, creative labor and advanced intellectual labor are increasing; the scope of people's activities is expanding, human interaction is increasing, and handling delicate and complex interpersonal relationships is inevitable for everyone; various kinds of competition The strength of various kinds of competition is also becoming more and more enormous, and the differences in income and social status between people are becoming more and more significant.

In reality, there are many so-called normal people who are sad, upset, taking sleeping pills all day long, struggling and tormenting in boredom and despair, and even heading for suicide. Many people are incompetent, disillusioned, poor, poor; many students do not learn well; many people are distressed by sexual problems; many people can not get along with people in a normal relationship, and are suspicious all day; many families are distressed by the mental illness of their members; many couples do not get along, quarrels, fights, divorces .......

Each of us should be mentally healthy as described above, but because of the psychological damage we suffer during the course of our lives. The so-called normal people in our lives are not in the best of shape, but in a sub-healthy state between the best of shape and disease. We are actually far from what nature has given us the ability to do.

Living in such a complex and confusing environment requires people to have a high level of psychological quality to meet the demands of the times and society. Nowadays, people are beginning to realize the importance of mental health and are increasingly concerned about their own mental health and that of their relatives and friends with whom they spend their time.

Let's use psychological science to maintain our own mental health and that of our relatives and friends, so that we can work, live and enjoy life in a better physical and mental state.

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