Walking every day, the body will have what changes? At least these 6 kinds of diseases can disappear

Walking also has a learning curve? I'm sure you'll find it boring to see how much walking is involved, and who can't walk. Walking is the best tonic for mankind". This is a maxim of Hippocrates, the originator of Western medicine.

Indeed, walking is also a way to maintain health; more walking, more benefits. Walking can move the joints, relax the muscles and blood, promote metabolism, calm the nervous system, train the leg muscles, abdominal wall muscles, heart muscles, and train the brain cortex, so that brain cells are more active, but also to prevent a variety of diseases.

Walking is a very good way to prevent disease

1、 To prevent heart disease

Walking exercise can prevent atherosclerosis, as early as the early 1920s, the founder of the American Heart Association, the famous cardiologist Dr. White pioneered walking as a method of rehabilitation treatment for patients with heart disease and heart attack.

2、Prevent brain atrophy

Studies have shown that walking not less than 9.6 kilometers per week can not only increase brain volume, but also effectively prevent brain atrophy and Alzheimer's disease, and will also reduce the chance of memory problems by 50%.

3、Diabetes prevention

In fact, it is not difficult to control diabetes, if you can insist on 3 days a week, walking 3 km in 30 minutes a day, the incidence of diabetes can be reduced by 25%; insist on 4 days a week, it can be reduced by 33%; 5 days a week, it can be reduced by 42%.

4、Prevent lower limb vein thrombosis

The process of walking is the contraction and stretching of the muscles of both lower limbs, which is like a fluid pump, so that blood flows back to the heart from the distal limbs, and the foot and ankle are fully active to avoid venous thrombosis in the lower limbs.

5、Reducing cervical spondylosis

Walking with head and chest up, neck extension and shoulder and back muscle activities can help relieve the fatigue of neck, shoulder and back muscles, ligaments and joints caused by prolonged ambulation, which has obvious effects on the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis.

6、Beneficial to the stomach and intestines

Walking makes the lungs breathe more, enhance lung function, promote intestinal peristalsis, enhance the digestion of food and nutrient absorption capacity, improve immunity.

The Walking Revolution
As people pay more and more attention to health issues, more attention to exercise. In the many exercises to strengthen the body, walking as a no threshold, free of equipment, pro-people exercise, by more and more people's favor. Many people walking is for exercise and fitness, but also for weight loss and shaping.

At present, the world is starting a walking revolution. In many countries, people have been walking as the 21st century human health, longevity, happiness and fitness magic. Although the specific methods vary, more and more people are walking, and the walking movement is gaining popularity.

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