The importance of health

The importance of health

A healthy body is not only a personal need, but also a family and social need. With the development of society, the concept of health is constantly updated. The 21st century consists of five characters: health, wisdom, happiness, beauty, and virtue. It forms the concept of great health and becomes the best state of a happy life.

A healthy body will cause discomfort as soon as you want to have it. Through long-term persistence, persevering exercise, continuous learning, enhance health awareness, increase health care knowledge, not only stay in the oral cavity, but more importantly, the key Seriously implement it in action.

Compared with the results published in 2017, there is an estimated increase of 38 million adults with diabetes worldwide. An estimated 463 million adults worldwide have diabetes, and there are 163 million people in the Western Pacific region alone.

According to the latest epidemiological statistics, the number of patients suffering from hypertension worldwide in 2015 was approximately 1.13 billion. There are more than 150 million sick people in Central and Eastern Europe. In adults, the prevalence of hypertension is about 30-45%, of which the prevalence of men is about 24% and the prevalence of women is about 20%.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization, 17.5 million people die from cardiovascular disease every year

Obesity is a global epidemic, and at least 2.8 million deaths each year can be attributed to overweight or obesity. Obesity was once regarded as a problem in high-income countries, and it is now also widespread in low- and middle-income countries.

The population of diseases is getting younger and younger, and health problems cannot be ignored

In a person’s life, health is the most important thing, but some people often don’t realize it. They realize the importance of health when they lose their health. Health is the backbone of life. No matter how healthy a person is, when a disease suddenly comes At that time, they discovered the fragility of life. Some people say that only those who have died once know that health is happier than anything else, and health is the greatest capital.

Many people die prematurely not because of disease, but because of unhealthy lifestyles, especially the young and middle-aged elites, who are in a state of long-term stress and fatigue for career and achievement, running around all day, without time to exercise, as a result, saving Money is overdrawn, health is overdrawn, life is condensed, and early pathological death replaces natural physiological apoptosis. This is not only a personal tragedy, but also a social tragedy. We must look at the essence through phenomena and learn lessons through these. Now health education How lacking, how necessary and important it is to popularize health education, now requires health education to start from the baby.

Health is the first wealth of life, and a healthy lifestyle is the capital of health. The key to health is in your hands. As long as you turn scientific concepts and health care knowledge into personal conscious actions, your quality of life will be Greatly improved, no disease before the age of 60, no aging before the age of 80, easy to relax over 100, happy for a lifetime, the unity of nature and man, for our health, for the happiness of our family, for us To achieve greater success in his work, we must increase health awareness, learn health knowledge, and turn health knowledge into conscious action.

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