The Exercise Effects of Walking for Fitness Walking Before and After Meals May Prevent Diabetes

Walking can be done anytime, anywhere, and is slow and injury-free. Therefore, it is the best form of exercise for the frail, obese and chronically ill. So what are the exercise effects of walking for fitness? What are the best indicators of exercise?

The speed of walking exercise should be limited to one hundred meters per minute; the volume of exercise round trip walking distance is two thousand meters; the frequency of exercise daily or every other day, twenty minutes each time; the movement requires the posture of walking with the upper body leaning slightly forward, walking in a large stride; to prevent shock to the head, the heel of the shoe is preferably rubber-soled.

According to a study by a sports medicine physician, walking at a speed of 133 meters per minute with a heart rate of 70% of maximum heart rate is the most effective way to keep fit. Walking is one of the effective ways to strengthen the function of the heart. During exercise, due to the contraction of large muscle groups in the lower extremities, the heart can be made to beat faster and blood flow can be accelerated to adapt to the needs of exercise; walking can also improve the blood circulation of the coronary arteries to a certain extent, which is a very good exercise and health care for the heart. If the heart rate can reach 110 beats per minute and keep it for more than 10 minutes, it will greatly improve the toughness and strength of the heart muscle and blood vessels, thus reducing the chances of myocardial infarction and heart failure.

Long-term, consistent walking and exercise can help you get in shape and avoid weight gain. The advantage is that the weight lost is fat, not muscle, which is completely different from dieting and weight loss, which causes muscle loss. And walking exercise also helps to promote the normalization of sugar metabolism; before and after meals walking is an effective way to prevent diabetes. The study confirmed that: middle-aged and elderly people to the speed of 3,000 meters per hour to walk for one and a half to two hours, the metabolic rate can be increased by 48%, the sugar metabolism also improves.

Some experts say that walking until you feel a little tired, like other forms of exercise, is an ideal sedative for emotional stress. Walking for at least an hour a day can be a means of keeping your heart healthy. This is a good way to take an active break. Walking is an exercise that involves bearing one's own body weight, which can help delay and prevent osteoporosis, as well as delay changes in degenerative joints and prevent some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Walking also relaxes the cells of the cerebral cortex, relieving mental fatigue.

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