Running the most afraid of poor endurance? 7 good ways to help you enhance endurance

Endurance is very important to runners, some people have poorer endurance, running a session will not persist, while some people exercise for an hour will not be tired, this is the difference in endurance. If you want to improve your endurance, you should take your time and gradually increase the amount of exercise, but also insist on exercising to ensure a good recovery after exercise.

What are the methods to increase endurance?

1、Adherence to exercise

In order to improve aerobic capacity and improve endurance, continuous training is required. Continuous training will improve aerobic capacity and strengthen muscles. Three to four times a week, each 30 minutes of exercise. When the body gradually adapt, you can slowly increase the number of running. Each exercise is best at the same time, so that you can develop a habit, so that people have more power to persist.

2、The right diet

Diet plays a huge role in increasing endurance. If you do not eat healthy, nutritious food, then your body will not be able to increase the distance you run and increase your endurance. Although we should pay attention to the calorie intake, but eat meals must be full, if you eat too little, can not maintain a good exercise state. Also be careful to increase your carbohydrate intake by choosing complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, brown rice and oatmeal rather than refined carbohydrates and sugary foods, as they can affect blood sugar levels.

3. Pay attention to recovery

The farther you run, the greater the challenge to endurance. In this case, pay attention to physical recovery. After exercise, a good diet, stretching exercises and sufficient sleep can make the body recover well. Within 30 minutes after the run, supplement with good carbohydrates and protein, and also drink more water so that the body can absorb nutrients to replenish energy and recover quickly. If you only pay attention to exercise, but do not pay attention to the recovery, it is difficult to improve endurance.

4. Strength training

If you want to increase physical strength, then you need strong muscles. In addition to running, strength training can greatly improve endurance and physical fitness. Strength training does not need to spend a lot of time, you can complete a strength training in 20 minutes, including squat jumps and manual release push-ups, which will make the heart beat, muscle burning.

5、Check the body mass index

It is important to maintain a healthy body mass index if you want to maintain an understanding of endurance. Body mass index should be less than 25, because it means that according to your height, you are at a normal weight level.

6、Take an endurance test

If you want to test your endurance more scientifically, you can conduct an endurance test. After a period of exercise, you want to check their performance, you can carry out endurance tests, you can understand how their performance in the end.

7、Listen to music

If you are looking for ways to improve endurance, it is recommended to listen to their favorite music. Listening to music during the workout has a huge impact on the efficiency of the exercise, which can slow down the heart rhythm and can be more effective exercise, exercise when listening to music can also delay fatigue and improve sports performance.

Increase endurance is not a day can do, you need to continue to work hard to do. Before increasing endurance, you need to make an honest assessment of your current aerobic capacity, and use it as a basis to set feasible goals. I hope these methods will help you increase your endurance and allow you to run further than ever before.

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