Running is a person's journey, 4 reasons to love running

Exercise will only run this one? You can still reap the benefits of good health and good shape. Running is arguably the most international sport. With the increasing popularity of marathons, many people have joined this fashionable and healthy lifestyle. From the very first one kilometer, three kilometers, five kilometers to ten kilometers, slowly fell in love with this solitary and hearty exercise.

After a long period of persistence, the changes brought by running to the body and mental state are obvious. Just stick to one month, half an hour a day, you can obviously feel this change.

How far can I run in half an hour?

How far can you run in half an hour? This depends on your body quality and exercise habits, most people are floating in the range of 3 to 5 kilometers in half an hour.

3 km also means that your speed in 6 km / hour, even if it is a long time no fitness partners, slightly adhere to a week or so, but also can cross easily run to this speed; half an hour can run to 5 km, that is 10 of the speed, basically can be considered amateur running athletes in the gods, many marathon runners usually exercise running are such a speed.

How easy is it to run?

The sport of running can become the most common exercise program, so it is clear that its benefits are not just one.

The thinking man's sport

Running is completely a person's sport, do not need more than one person to cooperate, also do not need complicated skills, just a want to run the heart. Running is a good dialogue with yourself, and those moments when you want to quietly think about your problems can be done on the treadmill. It's fun to talk to your other self at the many moments when you want to give up.

The venue can be found everywhere

Outdoor running or indoor running is good, has become a topic that has lasted for decades. In outdoor, give me a road, you can run a happy mood; indoors, give me a treadmill, you can also run a variety of styles; even what playground, basketball court, soccer field can leave a perfect running route.

Equipped with only one

All you need to prepare is a pair of flexible and well-fitting running shoes. There is no need for a fitness kit, of course it would be better if you have a quick-drying jersey and tights, but if not, a pair of good quality running shoes can help you run a good body.

Time is infinitely free

Time flexibility also means that you want to run as long as you want to run, although it is said that 30 to 45 minutes of running time fat loss effect is best, but if you can not run so much at a time, no problem at all, split into two runs on. Even if it is 15 minutes of running, can also let the body heat up, sweat, detoxification and harvest a good mood, is not also very good.

This is such a simple and lovely exercise, the changes brought about is not to be underestimated, go and try, feel the first smooth and drenched five kilometers.

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