Running and walking, who is the king of fitness? After research, the final results are available

I believe that many people have seen the article that walking is good for health, or running is good for health, then in the end which way is healthier, how to exercise is the most beneficial?

It is an indisputable fact that walking is the most common form of aerobic exercise, which is considered to be healthier and does not increase the burden on the human body.

Some studies have also shown that running too much may affect the knee joint, so many people think that walking is the healthiest way.

But is this really the case?

The only criterion to determine which exercise is healthier is whether the amount of exercise is appropriate.

I know a senior in his 60s who also thinks walking is better than running and insists on walking 15 km every day. Although he said his back pain was relieved, he found that his crotch started to hurt after a month, and finally the pain was unbearable.

It can be seen that walking is not without damage to the knee, then in the end how long is the best to walk every day?

A healthy person, the most basic walking steps per day should be about 4,000 steps, but this is only the basic amount of exercise, to achieve the exercise of the body to prevent various chronic cardiovascular diseases, walking steps per day should be maintained at 7,000 steps is better, that is, normal people should walk about 3 km per day to achieve the exercise effect.

The elderly, because of age and the decline of various physical functions, so the number of steps per day should be relatively reduced, according to personal circumstances, to maintain the best 3000 to 6000 steps.

After talking about walking, let's look at running again.

The first thing we need to know is that there is actually a difference in exercise intensity between walking and running, and the exercise intensity of running is undoubtedly much stronger than that of walking.

Studies have shown that humans should maintain 150 minutes of low-intensity running exercise each week, which will not damage the knee, and will have the best preventive effect on many chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

If it is a medium to high intensity running exercise, the time needs to be relatively reduced by half, that is, 75 minutes per week.

And the fact that many people now run more than this amount a day, which is why the rumor that running hurts the knee cap prevails is the fundamental reason.

In short, the amount of exercise varies from person to person, but the higher the intensity of the exercise, the more it can enhance physical fitness and prevent disease, in this regard, in the case of the same amount of exercise to meet the standard, the effect of running is more obvious than the effect of walking.

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