Physical health and mental health are closely related

There is a case: a girl in junior high school, usually very good academic performance. Once in class, she cried because she had slipped up and failed to answer a simple question asked by the teacher, and her emotions were almost out of control. After this incident, the school terror, can not go to school, as soon as the classroom panic, headache, vomiting, went to the hospital to check nothing wrong. After that, he could only study at home, and his academic performance dropped seriously.

From this case, we can see that mental health and physical health are inextricably linked.

For a long time, the scientific definition of health has not been very clear, and people often think that not being sick is healthy. The United Nations World Health Organization clearly pointed out that "health does not only mean the absence of disease, but also includes a complete state of physical, psychological and social adaptation. Therefore, human health should include physical health and mental health.

The relationship between health and disease is a complex dynamic process of physiological, psychological and adaptive adaptations. Mental and physical health can be interdependent and interchangeable. Therefore, how to maintain mental health, learn to regulate and control their emotions, pay attention to mental health, take the initiative to adapt to the needs of social change and development, which has a significant role in the promotion of physical and mental health. Physical and mental health is the first wealth of life, is the first element of academic success, career success and happiness in life.

According to authoritative analysis, 80% of modern people's diseases come from mental stress, especially in a competitive and complex society, where different groups of people are under high mental stress, chronic tension, struggle, comparison, examinations and other objective factors, resulting in a state of mind that is difficult to calm, which inevitably leads to psychological imbalance, and over time will inevitably affect the overall physiological dysfunction. As the saying goes, "happiness hurts the heart, anger hurts the liver, worry hurts the lungs, thinking hurts the spleen, fear hurts the kidneys." All kinds of bad emotions in life activate harmful substances in the body, collapse the body's protective mechanism, destroy the body's immunity, and lead to physical diseases. Therefore, physical and mental health is the balance and health of the human body's internal ecological environment.

So, how to create a good internal environment for ourselves?

1. Cultivate a good personality. Gentle personality, decent speech and behavior, can fully play their own personality characteristics in adapting to the environment, strong-willed, self-development goals are clear, rich in feelings, love of life.

2. Good ability to deal with the world. Objective and realistic, with self-control, always maintain a good and stable emotion towards things.

3. Good interpersonal relationship. Respect others, value friendship, self-respect and self-love, treat others with generosity, and be kind to others.

In real life, everything in moderation and not too much, good at self-psychological regulation, the key to health is in their own hands.

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