Middle-aged and elderly people adhere to the health benefits of walking

1, walking is one of the effective means to enhance the function of the heart. Walking because of the contraction of the large muscle groups of the lower limbs, stride can make the heart beat faster, heart per beat output increase, blood flow accelerated to adapt to the needs of exercise, which is a very good exercise for the heart. If the heart rate can reach 110 times per minute, maintain more than 10 minutes, then the toughness and strength of the heart muscle and blood vessels, greatly improved, but also to improve the blood circulation of the coronary arteries. This can reduce the chance of myocardial infarction and heart failure.

2, walking can also play the effect of weight loss. Long hours and stride can increase energy consumption, promote the use of excess fat in the body. Those who are obese because of more food and less movement of the elderly, if you can adhere to the daily exercise, through the exercise of more consumption of 1255.65 kilojoules (300 kcal) calories, and appropriate control of diet, you can avoid gaining weight. This amount of exercise is equivalent to walking 4-5 km, or jogging 20-30 minutes, or riding a bicycle for 45 minutes.

3, walking exercise helps to promote the normalization of sugar metabolism. Walking before and after meals is an effective measure to prevent and treat diabetes. Studies have confirmed that the elderly walk at a speed of 3 km per hour for 1.5-2 hours, the metabolic rate increased by 48%, the metabolism of sugar also improved. After a day of walking, diabetic patients can reduce their blood glucose by 60 mg/L.

4, walking is a need to bear the weight of the exercise, to help delay and prevent osteoporosis. Because exercise can delay degenerative joint changes, walking can prevent or eliminate some symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

5, brisk walking can relieve neuromuscular tension. Walking is a good way to take a positive break. White, a leading American cardiologist, said, "A brisk walk (to the point of fatigue), like other forms of exercise, is an ideal sedative to treat emotional tension. Walk only one hour a day as a means of maintaining a healthy heart. If you take an average of 100 steps per minute (medium speed), you can walk 6,000 steps in one hour. Dr. David Lai, a sports medicine doctor, said, "A brisk 20-minute walk can increase your heart rate by 70%, which is exactly the same effect as jogging.

Note for middle-aged and elderly people walking

1、Little exercise is not exercise

Randomly walking and stopping to skate, can not be considered walking. The amount of exercise is too small to achieve aerobic metabolism, it will not be able to exercise the effect, just like doing housework can not be counted as exercise. Healthy elderly people, according to the "3, 5, 7" principle of walking, is to walk 3,000 meters a day, 30 minutes to complete, walk five times a week, heart rate control in (170 - age) / minute. For example, a 65-year-old man, with 170 minus 65, then his walking heart rate should be kept at 105 beats, and the highest is only within the range of 125 beats per minute. Exercise a little sweat, breathing smoothly, you will achieve the exercise effect.

2、Do not walk with your hands behind your back

Walking with your hands behind your back can not fully move all parts of the body, but also not conducive to relaxation, and therefore can not achieve the best exercise effect. If there are stones, potholes on the road, walking with your hands behind your back can not quickly balance your body, it is easy to fall. Therefore, when walking to maintain the correct posture, chest up, head up, swing arms, conducive to whole body movement and body coordination.

3, walking location to choose a good

The human body in motion, high oxygen demand. Fresh air, grass and lush places with high oxygen content, beneficial to the whole body.

4, not in the slope of the place to walk

The elderly are prone to osteoarthritis, which is also related to improper walking. Climbing slopes or stairs will lead to overloading of the knee joint and increase joint wear and tear.

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