Mental health is important, how to maintain mental health

Mental and psychological health not only affects social harmony, but also has a bearing on personal happiness. Road rage", "meal rage", "will die if you don't sunbathe", "selection difficulties", "compulsion to sleep late" and other "psychological diseases" unique to modern people, which one makes you suffer?

By 2020, depression will be the second most common disease in the world, and suicide will be its most frightening symptom.

What is mental health?

The World Health Organization defines "health" in this way: Health means that a person's physical, psychological and social adaptations are in a state of perfection, and only those who have both a healthy body and a healthy personality can adapt to a changing society. The slogan of the United Nations World Health Organization is: "Half of health is mental health!

Mental health is the development of an individual's state of mind to the best of his or her ability, to the extent that physical, intellectual, and emotional health is not incompatible with the mental health of others.

Ten elements of mental health

1. Adequate sense of self-security.

2. Know oneself well and make an appropriate assessment of one's abilities.

3. Realistic goals in life.

4. Not detached from the reality of the environment.

5. Can maintain integrity and harmony of personality.

6. Has the ability to learn from experience.

7. Maintains good interpersonal relationships.

8. Can express and control their emotions appropriately.

9. Can actively express their individuality while conforming to the requirements of the group. 

10. Meet the basic requirements of the individual without violating society.

Criteria for determining mental health.

A person's mental health is judged by whether he or she is consistent with the majority of people, especially those of the same age and gender. Therefore, the criteria for mental health should include

1. Normal intelligence

2. Emotional stability and optimism

3. Harmonious interpersonal relationships

4. Self-motivated and decisive actions

5. Love of learning, life and work

6. correct view of self

How to maintain mental health

Maintain an optimistic mood

Love life and love your job. Be good at finding fun in life, even doing some housework should not be seen as a burden, but with interest to do, such as cooking, constantly try new patterns, enjoy the joy of cooking. In the work to continue to create, in the progress of their own life value, and constantly feel the joy of success.

Good at eliminating bad emotions

When you encounter something bad, don't keep it in your heart, be good at telling your worries or confusion in time, so that negative emotions can be released, and thus keep a happy mood always with you.

Always help others

Helping others for pleasure is a noble virtue, which not only makes the person being helped feel the true love of human beings and solve the difficulties of the moment, but also makes the helper feel the relief after helping others. To help others often is to keep yourself in a good state of mind.

 Treat others with kindness and generosity

A positive attitude of understanding, tolerance, trust, and friendship with others will lead to a happy emotional experience. Especially when being misunderstood, to show a high profile, when the other side know the truth more will admire you, so tolerance, care for others is also conducive to creating a good state of mind.

To have a wide range of hobbies

For example, collection, sports, travel, music, etc., wholeheartedly into it, enjoy the fun, not only to increase knowledge, but also a wide range of friends. In the occasional bad mood, this hobby can also play a role in defusing.

Keep a child's heart

After reaching the age of majority, with the growth of age, some people will have the feeling of "seeing through the world" and are not interested in anything anymore, which is not good for mental health. If you maintain a child's mind and have a curiosity about everything, it is good for both knowledge renewal and physical and mental health.

Cultivate a sense of humor in life

In addition to serious and formal occasions, the appropriate use of humor in conversation among colleagues, friends and even family members is very beneficial to a lively atmosphere and harmonious relationships, and a good laugh can make everyone feel especially good.

Learn to harmonize your relationship with society

With the development of society, we should always adjust our own consciousness and behavior to adapt to the norms of society, and constantly learn to improve their adaptability, so as to reduce the confusion and stress brought about by this, and maintain mental health.

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