Life's common sense: what is the difference between jogging 5 km and walking 5 km a day? Do you really know?

What is the difference between jogging 5 km and race walking 5 km a day? Do you really know? Today the relevant experts take us together to understand.

The first thing we need to know is the difference between race walking and jogging in the end is where?

In fact, the time consumed by these two sports is certainly different. The general jogging speed, we are generally set at about 6 minutes - 7 minutes, then after jogging 5 km, the time spent is about 30-35 minutes, the consumption of time is still relatively small.

And race walking, if you walk faster than the crowd, you may need to walk to between 8 and a half - 9 minutes, walking five kilometers will take about 40-45 minutes, and then a slower crowd, it is likely to take up to about 50 minutes.

In fact, these two strictly speaking, for healthy people walking faster than jogging to stimulate the joints to be greater. If we talk purely in terms of exercise, running is definitely more stimulating to the joints than brisk walking, because running is a weight-bearing type of exercise, which is definitely more stimulating to the joints than race walking.

But if we add the time factor between running and race walking, it is not the same, the same 5 km jogging or race walking, jogging in the process of exercise the body's lower limbs and the ground contact time is certainly much shorter than race walking.

1, the intensity of the movement is slightly different.

The intensity of exercise can generally be divided into three types.

When the human body is quiet and inactive, our body consumes less energy, when the activity, the consumption of energy will be significantly higher. We consume 1 calorie when we are not moving.

The exercise of ≤3 calories is low intensity exercise; the exercise of >3 <6 calories is moderate intensity exercise; the exercise of ≥6 calories is high intensity exercise.

General jogging and walking are medium-intensity aerobic exercise, but jogging than walking when the calories consumed to be larger, the intensity of exercise will be greater.

Foreign exercise guidelines point out that as long as the exercise will have certain benefits, but the different intensity of exercise, the health benefits will certainly be different.

General low intensity exercise on the body's cardiorespiratory function basically no exercise effect, high intensity aerobic exercise can train their own cardiorespiratory function.

For normal healthy adults, in their own body conditions allow, the effect of high-intensity aerobic exercise exercise is higher than medium-intensity exercise, but also greater than the low intensity exercise. High-intensity aerobic exercise exercise for one minute is equivalent to medium-intensity exercise exercise for about two minutes.

Therefore, if the body in no problem conditions, jogging not only than the race to save time, but also beneficial to their health.

2, then jogging will bring our body what benefits which?

For jogging, because it is a weight type of exercise, can help us to build a stronger body bones.Whether it's for the body's knee joints or spinal bones are very strong, especially for women in their 30s and 40s.

Jogging is a good way to cope with the osteoporosis that comes with menopause. If you really wait until you enter the perimenopause before you start jogging, you may benefit from a more significant decline.

Jogging may also strengthen the muscles in our body. Jogging is also very good for maintaining a healthy body weight. Jogging is also very good for us to strengthen and improve our cardiovascular function!

3、What do I need to pay attention to before jogging?

Please do not blindly think that you can run outside as long as you put on shoes before you do exercise. It is recommended that you must go to the hospital to carry out some relevant checks, such as: clear our own blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and heart function whether there are certain abnormalities.

And be sure to calculate whether their weight is overweight, if you are in the overweight range, then we still recommend that you should start with a brisk walk, do not try to run at the beginning.

At the beginning, it is recommended to walk briskly for about 30 minutes, 6 days a week can be, when our body slowly adapt to this exercise, and then try to jog.

Jogging and walking these two exercises, for most people, are of medium intensity aerobic exercise, jogging exercise intensity is slightly greater. In the months before the exercise, you can choose the walking exercise, the amount of exercise gradually increase.

In our body can tolerate the premise, the intensity of aerobic exercise than the intensity of small exercises will have a better exercise effect. After our body has adapted, we can change from walking to jogging.

Better play aerobic exercise to improve their cardiorespiratory endurance; enhance the level of sex hormones, improve sexual function, muscle gain, weight loss; improve their quality of life and other related effects. When exercising, you should ensure safety and prevent yourself from injury.

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