Jogging 20 minutes a day, there are such amazing benefits!

Jogging is a slower pace of running, which enables the body's nervous system and muscles to move through a gentle running motion.

So what exactly are the benefits to our body?

1. Increase the maximum oxygen intake heart beats per beat and heart output.

2. Lower blood pressure.

3. Reduce the incidence of heart disease and mortality.

4. Increase metabolic rate and prevent body obesity.

5. Prevent osteoporosis.

6. Normalize blood sugar level.

Although jogging is not a very high physical activity, but the warm-up stretching exercise before engaging is quite necessary to enhance the function of the whole body muscles, and to enhance the concentration of sports.

Stretching exercises

So what exactly is the speed of jogging?

The best jogging exercise frequency, intensity, time (to strengthen the basic cardio aerobic endurance-oriented)

1. Novice

Every six minutes jogging and then walk for 3 minutes and then repeat the previous action, each 9 minutes as a phase, a total of four phases, the whole cumulative time of more than 20 minutes, 2-4 times a week

2. Intermediate

20 minutes of jogging followed by 5 minutes of walking and then repeat the previous movements, each 25 minutes for a phase, a total of 2 phases, the total accumulated time of more than 40 minutes, 3-6 times a week

3. Advanced

Continuous jogging for more than 30 minutes, 3-6 times a week. After 5 or 6 weeks, you can increase the jogging time to 40 or 50 minutes each time.

Things to note about jogging.

1. Choose a softer ground.

2. Wear light, easy to absorb sweat clothing, a pair of comfortable jogging shoes.

3. Make sure to do stretching exercises before exercise.

Finally, we must be consistent, may be a person running a little boring, you can find a companion together, but also to encourage each other to cheer.

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