How do you keep your body and mind healthy? Method is important!

How do you keep your body and mind healthy? Method is important!

What is true health? Health is an extremely important aspect of human existence, and it plays a decisive role in human development, social change, cultural renewal, and lifestyle changes. There are two kinds of health, one is physical health, and the other is mental health. Only when the body and mind are healthy is complete health, and only when both exist is true health.
Mental health is an integral part of a person's health. How do you maintain a healthy mind and body? Here are a few suggestions for you to consider.

1、Make clear life goals

If a person does not have a goal in life, he can only wander on the road of life and never reach the ideal shore, and his life will become mediocre, boring, and dull, and may breed all kinds of bad habits that are harmful to health.
There are many things to pursue in life, but due to the limitations of subjective and objective factors such as the living environment, social and cultural conditions, and personal conditions, they are often not achievable. This requires that we firmly grasp the principle of defining a clear goal to strive for in real life.
If we do not have a fixed goal to pursue in life, we will have a very difficult life, but we will not be able to achieve anything decent. 

2More exercise and more physical exercise

Don't force yourself to participate in activities you don't like, or you'll lose interest in stopping the workout and try to train your body outdoors. This way, you will feel more energetic.
Walking is the best exercise in the world. U.S. studies have found that if you can't walk a quarter of a mile (about 400 meters) in 5 minutes, your chances of dying in 3 years increase dramatically. Walking is about three words: three, five and seven. Three" refers to walking about 3 kilometers a day for 30 minutes or more; "five" refers to exercising five times a week; and "seven" refers to aerobic exercise at an intensity of "post-exercise heart rate + age = about 170". For example, a 50-year-old person's heart rate should reach 120 beats per minute after exercise, i.e. 50+120=170. if you are physically fit and have exercise foundation, you can add another 20 or so; if you are less fit, you can reduce about 20.

3. Be lenient with others in all matters

We know that people who are big-hearted are happier. The Bible says: "Reap what you sow, and you will reap what you sow. Being generous and selfless in helping others usually results in something you don't expect to get back: the love and gratitude that comes from helping others. Love has the same cumulative effect as stress. If we can hoard good feelings, like a swallow hoards food for the winter, we can safely and securely weather adversity, says Dr. Sells, an American medical scientist.
These feelings remind us of our good prospects when everything is not going well, and gaining confidence and courage makes life much easier.

4. Develop good living habits

Modern scientific research has proven that the human body's life activities are under the strict control of the biological clock, which operates in a controlled manner. If you obey it and follow it, it will make you look radiant and energetic; if you do not obey it and act against its laws, it will make you wasted and withered, and your life will be dull and even dead. Only by obeying the laws of nature, you can maintain good health. To this end, we must develop a regular, quantitative discipline in diet, living, study, work, and various life systems, and maintain it throughout. Only in this way can we establish a good conditioned reflex system in the cerebral cortex to ensure that the body's various physiological functions perform optimally.

5、Actively communicate with each other

Studies have found that positive communication is the best way to maintain a happy marriage. Communication is not only one of the most important means of solving marital problems, but it should also become a habit for couples to share and express their self-concept. When two people have been together for decades and think they know each other well, but neglect to communicate, their happiness slowly disappears with the silence. Therefore, couples should find time every day to talk about work or family trivial matters, encounter problems, both work together to find a solution.

6、Rational Nutrition Composition

Eat a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, and lean meats. Don't forget to drink 8 glasses of water. Take mineral and vitamin supplements, as well as other healthy recipes that you like. Eat healthy snacks in between meals. A major source of sub-health and disease is unhealthy eating habits. Many people suffer from diabetes, cancer, obesity, and other diseases as a result. Changing unhealthy eating habits can make a big difference in a short period of time and greatly improve health status. Avoid tobacco and alcohol as much as possible, and drinking alcohol in small amounts is good for your health.

7. Essential hobby

Modern life is both stressful and busy, we busy and stressful study, work and life, while finding a quiet ideal place to engage in some of their own interest as a leisure pastime, which is very good for recuperating mood, eliminate fatigue. Practicing calligraphy, playing musical instruments, painting, stamp collecting, playing chess, chess, photography, small productions, etc. are all ideal items to promote health, and can be chosen and cultivated according to your own interests. Once you have decided to do so, you should stick to it and make it your true hobby, and strive for new achievements as much as possible.

8. It is important to understand your emotions

By understanding your emotions, you can understand your own motivations for behavior, and you can better appreciate the thoughts of others. Understanding yourself is a key step in promoting mental health, and when you discover why you're unhappy, you'll be able to address it. Discovering why you are happy is equally important. By being exposed to positive energy, you can become healthy and happy.

9、Create the character of humor and optimism

Humor is an additive to the pleasure of daily life, and humor is a life preserver in the waves of life. Research has found that there is a strong correlation between humor and physiological conditions. Laughing will stimulate the brain to secrete a catecholamine hormone, which can trigger the secretion of endorphins, which will have a natural pain-relieving effect; laughing humorously will make the muscles of the body stretch, which will then stretch the blood vessels and relieve the tension and congestion in the internal organs, which will then rhythmically relieve the pain. Chang Chi, get a positive massage.

For your health, for you to live a fulfilling and interesting life, it is important that you pay attention to cultivating and shaping a healthy, fit and healthy mind and body with the right approach!

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