Have you passed the mental health test?

About 90% of people are mentally sub-healthy

The World Health Organization has released a news release stating that 1 billion people worldwide are suffering from serious mental health problems since the epidemic began.
The epidemic has brought not only economic depression, unemployment and viral infections, but also panic, depression and anxiety...

Mental subhealth is so common, but most people do not understand their own psychological condition and do not realize that they have unhealthy psychological habits.
Feel that life is meaningless and cannot find self-worth
High work pressure, anxiety, insomnia, poor sleep
Often lose temper over trivial matters, sensitive and fragile
Feeling depressed and unhappy all the time
These are in fact the hidden dangers of psychological problems, we often mistakenly think that the manifestation of mental ill health, is very obvious mental problems, behavior is not normal people. But in fact, this already belongs to the category of serious mental illness.
Most of the manifestations of mental unhealthiness, even we ourselves are difficult to detect, it is superficial and internal, but long-term to our physical health and life brings negative effects.

Half of health is mental health. Half of disease is mental illness.

If you have physical symptoms such as
frequent symptoms such as chest tightness, headaches, etc.
Unexplained nausea, dizziness
insomnia, sleeplessness, low daytime productivity, fatigue
mental tension and frequent gastrointestinal discomfort.
That may be a sign that your mental health is releasing.
Academically, this physical problem is called [somatization disorder], refers to those without organic pathology, caused by psycho-emotional problems of the body symptoms. For example

Anxiety usually leads to abdominal pain.
Criticism and guilt can lead to arthritis.
Frequent anger causes headaches, bad breath, and skin problems.
Fear and stress can trigger and cause menstrual cramps ......
Interpersonal sensitivity and loneliness are as harmful as alcoholism or smoking 15 cigarettes a day
There is a famous saying that: 
Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways

Mental unhealthy, can not be half ignored 

Mental unhealthiness is not the same as mental problems, but persistent mental unhealthiness can easily develop into mental problems.
For example, we all have diarrhea, so when we have diarrhea, we don't think of it as a physical illness, but if we keep having frequent diarrhea, if we don't take care of it, it may turn into a gastrointestinal disease.
Therefore, if you notice that you or someone around you is emotionally out of control, depressed, slow in thinking, memory loss, interpersonal sensitivity, abnormal behavior, etc.
Be sure to do a timely psychological examination and relief, otherwise it will only worsen the psychological situation, silently affect our physical and even life health.
The news frequently explodes suicide jumping from a building, die for love, jumping into the sea to die, etc. ...
It is because they are usually ignored psychological problems, not timely intervention and relief, and lead to tragedies.
So, no matter what age you are, please don't neglect your emotional and mental health and that of your family.
You need to understand that psychological problems can be more damaging than visible illnesses and dangers.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to our mental health, the following two guidelines to enhance to share with you

1, to develop an optimistic, open-minded personality, calmly accept the various changes in the physical, and adjust their own life and work rhythm accordingly, and actively avoid the impact of physical changes on the psychological.
2, a reasonable arrangement of life, cultivate a variety of interests, moderate tension and orderly work can avoid the psychological growth of a sense of loss, so that life is more fulfilling, and thus improve the mood of people

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