30 minutes of dumbbell training every day, feel the changes brought to your body by exercise!

Dumbbells are one of the common small weight lifting equipment, if you plan to lose weight and trim this season, then you may want to try a proper strength training, this time you need to prepare a pair of 2-3 pounds of dumbbells, three times a week, at least adhere to two weeks, then you will feel the changes in the body, and you will also be more motivated and love sports.

Dumbbells are used for plyometric training and muscle complex movement training. Patients with low muscle strength due to motor paralysis, pain, or prolonged inactivity can use the weight of dumbbells for active resistance exercise and muscle strength training. The dumbbell exercises can be done on a long-term basis to modify the muscle lines and increase the muscle endurance.

Dumbbells can be used to train a single muscle, but if the weight is increased, the coordination of multiple muscles is required. At the same time, dumbbells can also be used as a kind of muscle complex movement training. The upper body muscles are the specialty of the dumbbell, but the dumbbell can also train the lumbar and abdominal muscles. The dumbbell can also be used to increase the load on the back muscles to stimulate the growth of the back muscles; hand-held dumbbells can be used to train the internal and external oblique muscles; hand-held dumbbells can be used to train the shoulder and chest muscles; dumbbells can also The dumbbell can also train the lower limb muscles, such as holding a dumbbell single-leg squat, double-legged squat jump, etc.

A few recommended dumbbell movements for you.

1、Upright dumbbell bend + shoulder push

2、Dumbbell weighted front squat

3、Supine dumbbell pull-up

4、Dumbbell weighted farmer's walk

5、Dumbbell weighted deep squat shoulder push

6、Single-arm dumbbell upper incline

7、Dumbbell swing

8、Single-arm dumbbell rowing

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